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    RO Sustainability // Eco fashion that doesn't look "eco"

    There's some stigma in the fashion world that eco or sustainable fashion is not quite to be taken seriously. Images of long haired hippies in hemp dresses still spring to peoples mind's when they here the words "ethical fashion."

    But there are scores of Australian, and international fashion brands doing their bit for our Earth. From naturally produced dyes, to carbon offsetting and using local manufacturers, there are heaps of ways that the fashion industry can green up! 

    Here are a few of our favourite brands that are flying the eco flag! 



    Bhalo is an Australian designed fashion label that is ethically produced in Bangladesh. They made limited edition pieces, out of stunning quality fabrics with fun, Summery vibes! And you can feel proud of wearing them too!




    Kowtow makes certified fair trade organic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. It's pretty hard to get the fair trade stamp in fashion, but these guys manage to make super cool threads that you can feel good about! 



    Okay, we know we rave about these guys all the time, but we promise they are worth every bit of praise! All their organic cotton comes from fair-trade farms and is produced in sweatshop free factories! You can sleep well wearing these cute as hell pjs! 


    Who are your favourite ethical designers or brands? We would love to hear about who else is making noise in the eco-fashion space!

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