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    RO LAUGHS // The 3 Best Party Stories From the RO Family

    Last week was a BIG week, we needed something light to make us we thought we'd ask our RO Facebook Family to tell us their funniest Raceday or Party story. We picked our favs and sent them a pair of cheeky earrings! Here's our favs below:

    Carrie Webb: "Funny NYE's party story...the first time I was pregnant during the New Year celebrations, I was so tired that I nodded off as we were counting in the new year...and woke up three hours later saying "three, two, one..HAPPY NEW YEAR!" 

    Kylie Davis: "Funny party story "my baby shower was a lot of fun and games! I was the only preggas lady everyone else got very silly and intoxicated!! Celebrity head game was hilarious! We were all pole dancing and in fits of giggles by the end of the night!!! Who needs alcohol to have fun? I certainly didn't need it."
    Haley Tancredi: "Funny (post) party story... I once made a peanut butter sandwich for a friend who had partied far too hard at the Ekka Races and needed some food to help counter balance the alcohol. She gratefully took it... And blew her nose on it ?"
    Comment below with any cheeky stories you have up your sleeve, and the RO fairies may visit you too! 
    xo RO


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