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    RO EATS // Christmas on a Plate with Ilona Glastonbury


    This is not a traditional Christmas dessert, but it is beautiful, and refreshing and tasty and seasonal, and I am gushing, but it ticks all the right boxes in my world!

    Start by making the yoghurt cheese the night before, it’s ridiculously easy.

    Serves 4



    1kg Tub Paris Creek biodynamic yoghurt or similar traditional plain yoghurt

    1 Punnet strawberries

    2-3 Handfuls fresh cherries

    Honey for pouring

    1 Handful buckwheat groats

    1 Small bunch edible flowers


    Night before:

    Over a bowl place a sieve which has been covered in muslin.  Make sure the bowl is about as big as the tub of yoghurt because you need to empty the yoghurt into the muslin and pop it in the fridge overnight to drain.

    Following day:

    Carefully wash and dry strawberries and depending on their size and your preference you can remove the tops and cut into wedges or leave as they are.

    Carefully wash and dry cherries leaving them on their stems.

    Remove drained yoghurt from fridge – it should now be a similar consistency to cream cheese.  Mould the yoghurt into the desired shape on your serving dish – a long log for a rectangular plate and a more rounded shape for a round platter.

    Cover with berries and cherries.

    Drizzle runny honey carefully across the arrangement and finish with some edible flowers and buckwheat groats for decoration, colour and crunch.

    Enjoy! XIlona

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