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    RO's World — Note From Skye

    Colour Me HAPPY! What Is Ruby Olive About?

    Sure, we design jewellery, but what is Ruby Olive really all about?

    PART 1

    We're about smiles on faces... 

    Our primary mission is clear and simple - we want to put more smiles on faces! Your faces, you friends faces, the faces of people that see you walking tall and proud down the street and the faces of the people who work with us, making and selling our products.

    Your smile is the most beautiful thing about you... seriously, we mean it! And it's by FAR the prettiest thing you can wear. 

    When you smile, you look more confident and feel positive. 

    A smile is a REALLY powerful thing... and lots of fancy pants scientists have done lots of fancy pants research on how a smile can create positive feelings which leads to increased endorphins, which leads to... yep, you guessed it... greater happiness. 

    POW! Oh yeah baby, get me more of those endorphins!

    Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing a little more about our story, who we are and what makes us tick. 

    Big thanks to the following people for their amazing photos:

    Top to bottom:
    1. Skye Anderton (Chief Dreamer) - Ruby Olive Jewellery
    2. Rosemary Slade (Content Editor) and Shelly Horton (Lifestyle Journalist & News Commentator) - Super Fast Diet
    3. Margarita Shoebridge (Dream Fulfilment Specialist) - Ruby Olive Jewellery 
    4. Dayle - @artfulcitystyle 
    5. Madison Sturgess (Communications Manager) - EnergySpark International


    A little note from Skye...

    Celebrating a wonderful life!

    Back in 2010, after living in the UK for almost a decade and when my business was just a few scribbles in a holiday sketchbook, I started thinking seriously about what I would name my little startup.  I didn’t want to call it my name but I knew I wanted it to be meaningful.  I searched high and low for ideas but nothing was being ignited in that crazy head of mine.  Randomly one day however, it came to me.  It was meaningful, it was catchy and it was reflective of what I wanted this business to be (ie: about colour)...and it was sitting there right in front of me.  It was a name that I had said and heard so many times growing up and it was a name that held so much love in my heart.  It was the name of my gorgeous Grandmother - Ruby Olive. 

    I told my grandma back in 2010 that I wanted to name my new business after her...and her response was a lovely ‘Awwww, that’s nice’

    I sent her gorgeous branded postcards with her name and clippings from magazines and newspapers which featured her name, and even years later after I’d launched in the US, won some fancy awards and been on TV, I still don’t think she really ever comprehended how many people actually knew her name.

    My Grandma was my last living grandparent, and I consider myself so lucky that she was in my life as long as she was.  She was able to meet my boys, and my boys got to know their GG or ‘GREAT’ grandma - as they called her (they’d always emphase the GREAT).  As my boys got older, so did grandma.  When grandma was not well it was so touching to see my eldest (6) treat her with such kindness.  He’d kiss her gently on her forehead, hold his little hand around hers and give her sweet smiles….followed by a one way dialogue on Lego, giant snakes and monster trucks.  Clearly she had no idea what he was talking about, but it was her beautiful twinkling eyes that told him that she was so happy he was there by her side.

    Grandma wasn’t well for quite a while, infact over the last year she experienced quite a few TIA’s (mini strokes) and began to get worse and worse, never really recovering.  Late last year I heard her utter what I believe were a few softly spoken pleasantries but she hadn’t spoken anything conversational for some months.

    In March we were told she ‘didn’t have long, maybe days, maybe a week’, it wasn’t nice to hear, but it didn’t come as a surprise.  She ended up hanging on about 15 food, no water, nothing but morphine to keep the pain at bay.  Awful really.  (Made me think about the argument for Euthanasia...but that’s a whole other discussion for another day).


    As my dad said in her Eulogy a few weeks ago...

    ’Today is a celebration of a wonderful woman’. 

    And indeed she was a wonderful woman.  A kind, thoughtful and gentle woman.  A woman who would do anything for her family and made the BEST sponge cakes and sweet treats, and we certainly can’t forget the never ending jar of Monte Carlo cream biscuits that used to live in her pantry.  She was a woman whose garden was full of the strongest scented roses in the most amazing array of colours.  A woman whose hands were so incredibly soft from the 60 years of milking cows as a dairy farmer’s wife.

    A celebration it certainly is.

    I write this post, just before Mother’s Day, to pay tribute to not just my grandmother but to all the mums, grandmothers, great grandmothers, step mothers, god mothers and all the other wonderful women who have touched our lives in amazing ways but are no longer physically with us.  What they have left behind are the special memories and stories that deserve to be celebrated.

    Big heartfelt cheers this Mother’s Day to those very special women xx

    Have you got a story or a memory of someone special that you’d like to share? I’d be truly honoured to hear it (email me at or comment it below).



    In memory of my beautiful grandma, Ruby Olive, I've launched some little earrings cards (see images below) and 10% of the proceeds of each earring sale will be donated to The Australian Alzheimer’s research foundation.

    The handwritten message on the front of these little cards are thanks to a beautiful mum and artist, Annie Love, who started hand lettering as a form of therapy after one of young boys passed away.  You can find out more about her heartfelt story of grief HERE.  

    Big thanks to our very own Shaelah Ariotti for the original artwork.

    SO...we thought we'd photograph some customers!

    We had our Warehouse Sale in Brisbane the week before last and we got to chat to loads of our customers.  I LOVED IT!  We're always clicking away at our keyboards and connecting with our customers on a virtual level, but there was something so MAGICAL about meeting our customers face to face. 

    We had a shoot planned for the following week...but after connecting with so many wonderful women, all with their different and fabulous stories, I decided...YEP...we NEED to showcase some of these fabulous women, we need to tell the stories of our customers.  

    Five women agreed and we took some fabulous pics and over the coming weeks we'll be starting to tell their story.  AND we couldn't be more excited!

    First up will be the gorgeous Andrea from Sublime Finds.  She's been participating in Frocktober all this month, raising much needed funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.  The only difference is...she's not wearing a dress a day, she's wearing THE SAME dress for 31 days...styled in a bunch of ways.  WHAT A SUPERSTAR!  Oh and incase you were wondering...yes I did ask, she has two of exactly the same dress, the fabulous Leina Broughton Stella dress...and it's on a strict wash rotation. 

    We'll be sharing more of Andrea in the next few days, BUT if you would like to support her and help her raise some here.

    Looking forward to sharing more customer stories with you all!

    Skye x

    Here's a little Facebook LIVE post I did straight after the shoot.

    A little note from Skye...

    I don’t want a ‘faceless’ brand so here’s what I’m going to do...

    Hey hey all you gorgeous humans!  It’s me...Skye 

    For those who don’t know me, Ruby Olive is the business I started in my spare bedroom many years ago and Ruby Olive is my actual grandmother (she’s just beautiful).  For those of you that have been around on my journey (big thanks for hanging around)...sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve shown my face in newsletters, on social and on the website.  I’ll be completely honest….I HATE being in front of the camera and I do find it so much more comfortable being behind the scenes (and out of sight).  I kinda get that I need to do it though...I don’t want RO to become a ‘faceless’ brand.  We’re about real people with real relationships, living real lives.  Being comfortable is just so easy though.  And is there anything wrong with being ‘comfortable’?

    Last week I went to an absolutely amazing conference along with 180 other kick-arse women (serious food for the soul).  We listened, we cried, we laughed, we danced, we connected.  When I came home I started to digest the inspiring stories of women facing fears and pushing through comfort zones (and the magic that happens as a result).  I started thinking about the things I know I should do, but keep making excuses for...they just happen to be the things that make me feel ‘uncomfortable’.  I thought about the importance of getting out of that comfort zone and how we simply can’t grow if we don’t push ourselves to do the things that scare us. 

    So to YOU... our beautiful RO wider community, you’re my witness and my accountability. Between now and Christmas my goal is to get over my fear and get in front of that camera...(ekkkk!) and show a little bit more of myself to the world! BAM! (Warning: you may see an open mouthed smile or two...or three)

    Anyone else got a little fear and keen to join me in pushing that comfort zone to the curb? Send me a little email at and together let’s show it who’s boss!


    Keep Living Boldly!