Biba Biba – Ruby Olive Jewellery
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    ROW1726NK-MONO-ROW1725NK-MONO-ROW1725RG-MONO-Ruby%20Olive%20Biba%20Double%20Ombre%20Necklaces%20and%20Ring%20on%20Beige%20Background.png ROW1726NK-MONO-ROW1725NK-MONO-ROW1725RG-MONO-Ruby%20Olive%20Biba%20Double%20Ombre%20Necklaces%20and%20Ring%20on%20Beige%20Background.pngOn Sale
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    Inspired by the bold shapes and vibrant colour combinations of the 1960's, the Biba Collection celebrates dramatic glamour with a Ruby Olive twist. Turn up the drama and make a style statement with our NEW Biba Collection! Get some glam with edgy necklaces, dramatic drop earrings and our stunning new ring.