Glasses/Mask Chains

No longer your grandma’s favourite accessory, practicality never looked so good with our vibrant and versatile collection of glasses chains. Bright, bold and colourful, our glasses chains are designed to keep your eyewear safe and secure without sacrificing style. Forget shades getting caught in your hair or losing face masks at the bottom of your bag.

I know we’re all used to wearing masks, but for the longest time one of the most annoying aspects of masks was figuring out where to put it when you wanted to eat and drink or rest your ears. Never leave your face mask again or risk getting it dirty holding it in your hand, our lightweight and versatile mask chains are made to clip onto your face mask and remove the hassle of you misplacing it ever again. 

Add a neon pophere to any outfit with our collection of deliciously bright retro chains or throw on a delightful pattern with thistortoise shell beauty. Jewellery for your glasses, or double me up as a chunky necklace for those in need of a statement piece to elevate an outfit. 

Functional and fashionable, our glasses chains fit onto your frames with non-slip loops. These loops provide a snug and comfortable fit for any type of eyewear. Attach the chain to yoursilk face mask with the provided lobster clasps. Once it’s attached you can either wear the chain behind your neck or under your chin to always have your glasses in reach. 

All our chains are made with interlocking links that are left open so you can adjust the length of your chain easily to whatever length fits you best. Our chains are a stylish solution to ensure you never lose or forget your glasses/mask again.