BUSINESS // Ruby Olive Case Study

BUSINESS // Ruby Olive Case Study

It's not everyday you see your fearless leader pop up as the face of a Case Study in a Business Newsletter! Our fabulous brand, Ruby Olive, was recently featured along with our Chief Dreamer, Skye, in a recent Brisbane City Council Business in Brisbane Newsletter. Although Skye may have been a bit embarrassed about her face being plastered everywhere (secret squirrel: we may have another exciting announcement coming up soon too..), it was super exciting news here in the office.

As a team, we're extremely proud of how our little jewellery baby has grown, which is down to how Skye consistently gives us the amazing direction and guidance necessary to keep on growing. We've gone from strength to strength, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! The best thing about being part of Ruby Olive is that we get to do what we love each day, and work with a team of truly passionate people.

Read the full case study below, with a little more information about the Ruby Olive journey, and some fantastic advice from Skye about starting up a business.

Skye Anderton is the founder of Ruby Olive, a fast-growing jewellery label based in Brisbane.

Since launching in 2010, Ruby Olive is available to buy online and in more than 100 stockists in Australia, New Zealand and the US, but it was out of Africa that Skye’s business plan began to take shape.

“I moved back to Australia after working in the UK as a buyer for nearly a decade, and thought, what better opportunity than now to start up my own business?” Skye said.

“I had envisaged my business while travelling through Africa and India, scribbling my business plan under the stars in the Serengeti. When I returned to Brisbane I hit the ground running.”

Naming her new venture Ruby Olive after her grandmother, Skye is passionate about operating as a purposeful, focused business with a clear financial and growth strategy.

“We’re purposeful in how we treat customers, suppliers, staff and women in general, and also in how we design. All our collections have stories behind them,” Skye said.

“We’re also a product-based business and have to pay for deposits on goods up-front, so having a solid cash flow is very important. As the business grows, we need to invest in more product.

“My strength, however, is in the running of the business and the creative side, not in the numbers side – I certainly know I need to have a good accounts team to advise me.”


• Do your research. You need to know everything about the market to see whether there’s a need for your product.
• It’s going to be harder than you think. Things happen that you don’t anticipate and it will take longer than you expected. 
• You should be passionate about what you’re about to undertake. It’s going to take so much blood, sweat and tears, you have to love what you do.

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