CELEBRATING AMAZING WOMEN // The women who inspire us

CELEBRATING AMAZING WOMEN // The women who inspire us

It's International Women's Day today, so we thought we'd reflect on the women in our lives that have taught us, loved us and inspired us.

Skye: "At this point in my life, the woman that's inspired me most is: my Grandma, Ruby Olive.  Without her...this business would never have existed. Love you Grandma!" 

Michaela: "My Mum Genevieve has been a flight attendant, an artist, a florist, and the list goes on. She has taught me that it's good to be creative as long as you work hard and that you gotta take the photo opportunity when you can, haha! She's a blast of warmth and passion. Love you lots Ma!" 


Brittany: "My Great-Grandma is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. We nicknamed her DDGG (Dear Darling Great-Grandma) and she always taught me quirky words like "tinny" when I was having a lucky streak in a game of Yahtzee. DDGG was born in the year that the great depression started. She grew up through this and went on to become a school teacher, and then a very well respected principal. A few years into their marriage, Grandma became a full time carer to her husband and my Great-Grandpa, after he had an accident with machinery on their farm resulting in major brain damage. She remained by his side, looking after him until he sadly passed away recently. Well into her 80's, she is still living independently and driving herself around. I aspire to be like her!" 

Brittanys Great Grandma

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