Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Sam and her ethical blanket brand Seljak

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Sam and her ethical blanket brand Seljak

Our lovely friend Sam Seljak, who used to work with us a RO, has just launched a super exciting new line of sustainably produced blankets, called Seljak Brand. It's Fashion Revolution this weekend, and while blankets don't normally count as fashion, these ones are SO beautiful, we just had to share them with you! 

The story behind these babies is pretty beautiful! Sam and her sister Karina have always had a love of sustainable product lines, so when they were both back in Brissie, they decided it was time to launch their own venture. They came into contact with the oldest running mill in Tasmania, and using the offcuts from the factory floor. 

The blankets are made from 70% recycled Australian merino wool and a 30% blend of recycled alpaca, mohair and polyester, meaning they are soft and lovely enough for indoor use, but also hardy enough for outdoor use as well. And the range includes some beautiful unisex styles as well as bubba sized ones! 

The Seljak Brand Blanket Collection of Sustainably Produced Products

So this all sounds lovely, but there are two really special things about the Seljak Brand blankets. The first is that at the end of their lifecycle, you can send back your blanket (they collect them free of charge and with carbon offset delivery) where it is shredded, and the fibres used to make a new one! 

The second special thing, is that for every ten blankets sold, Seljak sends one to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Victoria. Sam and Karina's grandparents where refugees from Slovenia, so they're using what they have to give back, and support asylum seekers settling in Australia. 

Model Wears the Seljak Brand Blanket

It's so lovely to hear a beautiful story like this, we wish you all the best Sam and Karina! 

Get your new Winter blanket from Seljak Brand here

Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive

All pics from their Instagram: @seljakbrand

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