RO DIY // Water gun and paint fun!

RO DIY // Water gun and paint fun!

Skye and her boys had a hilariously cute crafternoon not long ago. They used non-toxic child-friendly acrylic paint and added to water pistols...then sprayed onto a super sized canvas! SUPER CUTE!!! Check out the results in the video below:

Here are some tips from Skye to make things run as smoothly as possible! 

  • Fill the water pistol cartridge with water and put a few really good squirts of non-toxic acrylic paint and shake.
  • Start with the lightest colours first as all the colours will end up blending together - if you start with the dark colours you won't end up noticing any lighter colours added afterwards.
  • If you keep rotating the canvas on each side the paint will run and covers the entire canvas.
  • Only two colours were used here: yellow and pink, but don't be limited by this.
  • Best to do this on a sunny day outside so it dries quickly.

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