RO CELEBRATE // Eloquence re-launch with Champagne Cartel

RO CELEBRATE // Eloquence re-launch with Champagne Cartel

This Wednesday is International Best Friends Day and so this week we're celebrating all of the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS women in our lives.  To help us celebrate we invited the awesome Carolyn and Gillian from lifestyle blog Champagne Cartel to help us re-launch our Eloquence collection with a fabulously fun photoshoot with the talented photographer Elouise Van Riet-Gray. The girls were dressed in stunning designs by Leina Broughton, Gillian was on the make-up and the lovely Nadine from Cheveux Design and Espresso created their gorgeous vintage curls. 

The collection is inspired by the roaring and glittering Art Deco style of the 1920's, with geometric and gem-like shapes complimented with super slick colours. Our Artisan resin style has a twist, with classic black, ruby reds and bright citrus greens, being joined by the extra pizzaz of subtle bronze glitter. 

Champagne Cartel Wearing Eloquence Jewellery

They were absolute troopers, letting us adjust their bras, putting up with us dancing behind the cameras and accepting the fact that we had forgotten the bottle of champers (we used peppermint tea and mineral water instead - insider secret!). 

We wanted to take this chance to say a huge CHAMPAGNE CHEER to girlfriends, past and present. To the ones we haven't seen in years, but can still chat until the wee hours with. To the ones who'll always tell us we have lipstick on our teeth. To the ones that motivate us to go for that morning run. To the ones that will arrive unannounced with a bottle of the sparkly stuff. To the ones on the other side of the world, and the ones sadly not with us anymore.

To our fabulous friends, our integral support networks and our good (and bad) influencers. THANK YOU for your friendship! Life wouldn't be the same without you. 

Champagne Cartel wearing Eloquence Jewellery


Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive

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