RO INSPIRED // Become the Boss of Busy with Alison Hill TIP #4

RO INSPIRED // Become the Boss of Busy with Alison Hill TIP #4

Become the boss of busy 

Tip #4: Tickle your kids/partner/pet (In case you missed them, heres Tip #1, Tip #2 and Tip #3)

There’s a powerful drug you can take each morning that’ll make you feel better, be more productive and make you more attractive to everyone else around you. And it’s doesn’t require you skulking around dark alleys to ‘get a hit’.

It’s called Oxytocin; the bonding chemical. And other than when it’s present in massive quantities at childbirth (and if you’re reading this while in labour...go you!) the time when Oxytocin is at its highest concentration in human body is via physical touch.

Too often we start the day checking our phones. Guess what? No oxy-business going on there. So touch someone close to you to start the day.

And if you’re gonna touch ‘em make it fun.

Put a smile on both yours and your kids faces by unleashing the tickle-monster. Ok, if they’re 17 years old, maybe they’re past the tickle-monster stage. But perhaps a hug will work?

As for the partner or pet? Rub their tummy. They’ll be happy fo’sho’.

And if they’re happy, you’re a long way towards being happy, right?

Thank me later for this tip. No need to pass on all the juicy deets that might happen afterwards :)

Love Ali


And a little note from the RO Team: Huge, big, massive thank you to Alison! Your advice has been killer and super useful, especially at this weird and crazy time of year! These words have kept our heads on straight. Much love xx


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