BE THE DESIGNER 2017 // Voting starts now!

BE THE DESIGNER 2017 // Voting starts now!

We have collated the entries and now the next phase of our Be The Designer Competition has started! The part where YOU get to have your say on your favourite designs! The voting booths are now open! 

Here's how to vote:

1. Jump on our Facebook page

2. Find our "Vote Now - Be The Designer Competition 2017" Photo album

3. Like, comment and share your favourite designs! The Facebook votes will then be counted, and the prizes will be announced! 

4. The more times you share your pick, the more likes it will get, and the better chance it will have of getting made! 

There are three prizes, one voted by you and two decided in house!

You've really nailed it with this design, and we just LOVE it. This design is chosen by us as the star of the show, the winner of the competition, an idea that combines stellar design, commercial viability and that quintessential RO-ness.
> Your dream necklace will become a reality, and will be put into production.
> You'll get naming rights for your necklace.
> You'll receive the very first necklace, hot off the production line.
> A portion of the sale of each necklace will go to your chosen charity
> You'll also receive super-dooper hamper valued at $500, full of goodies from some of our favourite brands including a $250 RO Voucher 

You have created something truly unique and awesomely imaginative.  It may not necessarily be practical but it sure is impressive!  
> You'll receive an awesome hamper valued at $300 including a $150 Ruby Olive Gift Voucher to spend online.

It seems your design has something pretty special about it, the audience voted it to be their favourite! You've secured a place in the hearts of all who've seen your design, be proud! 
>You'll receive an awesome hamper valued at $300 including a $150 Ruby Olive Gift Voucher to spend online.

(Please note if the highest voted design is also chosen as the winning design, the design with the next highest votes (from a different designer) will be the Crowd Favourite)

We can't wait to hear what you think of them all! 

Winner announced 6th June 2017.

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