Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Connie from Clouds In Color!

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Connie from Clouds In Color!

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If you're an Instagram user, you may have found yourself in a land of endless scrolling... I think we've all been there. It can be easy to get caught up in the seemingly endless world of colour, creativity and entertainment that's right at your fingertips. One fine afternoon, we found ourselves in the land of the endless Insta scroll, but this time we struck gold. Pure, solid, sparkly, gold. You see, all of this scrolling led us to a gorgeous Belizean-Latina lady named Connie, or @cloudsincolor  (on Instagram). Connie instantly gave off an effervescent feel; she seemed like such a carefree and colourful soul. We fell in love with her style and Instagram feed, so we reached out to say hi and basically ask in a really non-creepy way if we could be friends. Cut to Connie looking FABULOUS in our jewels, and us wanting to share her story and celebrate her colourful creativity with the Ruby Olive community. Read our interview with Connie below.

RO: Tell us a little bit about yourself...

CC: I am a color-enthusiast living the rainbow life in sunny Southern California. I have a passion for colorful and fun style! I find dressing in bright happy colors brings me such joy, that I have begun sharing that joy on social media and it has allowed me to connect with so many fellow-color lovers.

Connie wears the Contrast Striped Edge Earrings in Multi

RO: What does your average day look like?
CC: Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I get so much done and always find time to see my family and friends. On a typical Saturday, I get up early and prepare to photo shoot content for the upcoming week. Some weeks I have specific ideas to photograph and other times I just venture out and hope for something good to pop up! I start by styling a fun colorful outfit with my favorite accessories and then before I leave the house I put on the perfect shoes to finish the look. I always take a few options along with me in case something works better for a particular moment. After running around town all morning, I can be found shopping at vintage stores or relaxing with my friends in LA’s vibrant nightlife.

RO: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be and where?
CC: I would be a fulltime creator here in Los Angeles. In a dream world, I could make a living bringing all the wild ideas floating around in my brain to life. I would have no limits to my creativity and I could collaborate with other creatives and artists. First on my list would be a line of hats and dresses followed by home decor.

RO: How would you describe your style? Is there a defining moment that helped shape your awesome style?
CC: My style is pop-vintage-rainbow-kitsch with a focus on fun and classic lines. I slowly began transitioning my wardrobe from neutrals to color by incorporating statement hats and accessories. That led to colorful rainbow hair and I kept going until I finally felt like myself. Now, I can incorporate high end pieces with a novelty bag, in the shape of a flamingo and that works for me. My only rule of thumb is, if something doesn’t make me feel good and confident I don’t wear it.

RO: Have you always loved colour?
CC: Yes! My Caribbean upbringing was always filled with insane amounts of color. From the food to the architecture, the influence of my Belizean heritage is where my love of color began.

RO: While we’re on the topic of colour, I need to know… how many different colours has your hair been?!
CC: I’ve had every color in the rainbow and there still seems to be so many more options to explore. I always come back to pink somehow but I’m in a very blue and purple place right now.

Connie wears the Carousel Bubblegum Necklace 

RO: What’s a favourite hobby of yours?
CC: Sewing. I love making my own clothes and designing textile prints. I have a background in costume design so when I can’t find something I make it!

RO: Tell us something we’d never guess about you?
CC: I’m a trained classical singer. I still sing a great deal and I’m so thankful my husband enjoys it.

RO: What makes you happiest?
CC: Feeling comfortable in my own skin. Self-love makes loving others and life in general so much better!

RO: What do you love about Ruby Olive accessories?
CC: Color and texture! Every piece is as colorful as it is polished with a smooth soft texture that feels great to wear all day. Finding colorful accessories that exude elegance is no easy feat.

RO: What would you pick as a go-to Ruby Olive piece and why?
CC: Hands down my go-to piece is the Carousel Abstract Stripe Necklace. It works for each part of my life and helps me bring a little pop of color to every outfit. I wear it to dress up a casual sundress or to add a playful element to my business looks. It’s such a versatile accessory and it’s always a big hit when I wear it.

We'd like to give a HUGE big thanks to this gorgeous woman for letting us into her world and giving us the opportunity to learn a little more about her. I have no doubt that Connie will make her mark on the world in a big, colourful way. Check her out on Instagram here: @cloudsincolor

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I have been following her . She is indeed a very colorful, stylish and gorgeous girl. I love her choice of accessories. They are wonderful.

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