Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Natty!

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Natty!

We're thrilled to introduce you to the fabulous Natty Faulkner! Natty joined in on one of our latest photoshoots and we had an absolute blast with this beautiful soul. Natty is not only gorgeous inside and out, but WOW does she have an interesting story!

Natty is a Marketing Manager by day, but has had an incredible life trajectory so far. This includes dressing up as a fairy or princess for children's parties, playing Marilyn Monroe or Velma at theme parks, working with the Starlight Foundation, and all while proudly wearing her 'Mum hat' in between! We can't wait for you to find out more about this wonderful woman #celebratingamazingwomen.

RO:  You certainly have had an amazing and diverse career, from marketing to a writer for magazines, to children’s entertainer. Our sense is that you love to connect with people and help them achieve their best through experiences or advice. What was your natural career evolution driver?

NF: I think my natural career evolution driver is entertaining people and being creative. All my jobs have been a combination of both, even in my professional career choices. I am very social and a little bit out there at times, so everything seems to have a common theme. I love to help people get the best out of their day if I can. 

Natty wears the Candy Tiered Necklace and Elasticated Bracelets

RO: How would you describe your style? Is there a defining moment that helped shape your awesome style?

NF: Oh thank you! I have always had an interest in fashion and my mum used to sew all my clothes. I feel like she really helped me shape my style. I went through some terrible fashion stages when I was younger and often dressed in what everyone was wearing rather than what suited my shape and personality. When I made the choice to wear what I was drawn to and what suited my shape, I really began to feel comfortable and that defined my choices.

RO: We are big fans of your blog and social media. Where do you pull inspiration from for your TikToks/reels?

NF: Oh I am a big fan of yours!! You are amazing! I often think of silly things and think, yep I am going to film that. I love quoting movies so pulling my favourite quotes and adding them to different situations that are relatable is something I like to do too. Basically, I like making fun of myself and being silly to make others laugh. I also pull inspo from crazy motherhood experiences - but make them funny.

Natty wears the Winter Smartie Tiered Necklace and Orange Midi Hoops

RO: What is your favourite family activity to do together?

NF: We love to go camping together. We have a camper trailer and love going on adventures. I never was very good at camping when I was younger - but now I add all my little touches to make it more of a glamping experience and we have a ball! We love scootering and bike riding too. The outdoors is our favourite!

RO: What does your average day look like?

NF: I am up early most days to jam everything in. 5.30am I'm up and ready, drop kids to school/ kindy. Then work day doing marketing for clients, creating content etc. (I juggle both jobs across different days of the week), and try to squeeze in a midday walk if I can. Then pick up kids, dinner, homework, clean up and do some more work if my kids go to bed on time. Then I try to relax for 5 mins with my husband and go to bed. Hahaha! I feel like it's all a bit nuts lately. I am still getting used to school hours and fitting things in.

Natty wears the Tropicalia Fiesta Necklace 

RO: You only hung up your glass slippers and fairy wings (being a children’s entertainer for over 20 years) just last year. Do you have a favourite story to share from one of the parties you have hosted?  And we have to know, how many princess costumes do you have?

NF: Oh gosh I have so many special stories! Working with kids as a princess certainly has some very rewarding moments bringing magic into their lives. I have over 19 wigs and about 35 princess or fairy costumes. They are so fun!

My favourite story is extremely precious and was one of the most incredible and heartbreaking things I have done. I was hired as Elsa to grant one final wish to a terminally ill, little 5-year-old darling girl. She wanted a holiday to the Gold Coast with her family, to go to the beach, theme parks and to have a picnic with princess Elsa. I came to the picnic and apparently she hadn’t spoken to people for days, but she sat there and sang 'Let It Go' with me. I was in the moment singing and smiling with her, and I looked up and saw her mum, dad, grandparents and aunties all crying and I suddenly became aware of the traumatic situation they were all in. We had a fabulous afternoon and when I left the mum hugged me crying and said ‘Natalie, you have no idea how much this memory means to us’.

I cried the whole way home. In fact I am crying now writing this story. Sadly she passed away a few weeks later. It was a very precious day. I feel very honoured to have been a part of it. 

RO: We have to ask about your theme park career, which characters did you get to dress up as and which one was your favourite? 

NF: Oh it was the coolest job!! I played Marilyn Monroe, Velma from Scooby Doo, Dorothy from Oz and some Harry Potter characters when the old attraction was there. Marilyn was my favourite, I think! Her outfits were glam! 

Natty wears the Carousel Bubblegum Necklace and Everyday Drop Earrings

RO: We are totally in love with your work as Captain Starlight, what an amazing feeling bringing smiles to seriously ill children and their families. How did you come to be Captain Starlight for the Starlight Foundation Australia? Do you have any memorable story you can share of this time?

NF: I have a million memorable moments from Starlight days! After working at Movie World for 5 years, my show at the time was made redundant and I was a bit lost in what I wanted to do. My friend shared my details with the manager of the Starlight Foundation in Brisbane and I was invited up to meet the crew and audition. I then went through a long strict process of psych testing and checks, and I was offered the role. There were only 6 of us at the time and we were very close friends. We ran the TV station in the hospital at the time, and we got to bring so many smiles to the kids faces bringing celebrities in to meet them. It was incredible. Giving out presents to the kids at Christmas was the best!

RO: We are big believers in colours affecting our moods and frame of mind. What colour do you find yourself drawn too and what colour is your all time favourite?

NF: I am so drawn to all pinks, pastel purples and blues. Pink is definitely my favourite. Although if I wear red, I feel like it is such a confidence-boosting colour!

Natty wears the Pastel Candy Tiered Necklace and Elasticated Bracelets

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Natty, it has truly been a pleasure! I got a little teary-eyed at some of your stories, what beautiful memories they are. Thank you again for sharing your incredible story with us and the RO community.

Instagram - @nattyfaulks
Facebook - @Natalie Faulkner - Loved By Natty

Photos by @lxocreativestudio


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