Celebrating Amazing Women // Moana from BStyled for Life

Celebrating Amazing Women // Moana from BStyled for Life

We’re so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome women and the beautiful Moana is certainly no exception.  I first met Moana many years ago at a business event and very serendipitously we started working with her amazing daughter, and mum of three young boys, Molly.   We invited Moana along to our last photoshoot to take some snaps with her daughter for Mother’s Day and she was so fabulous that we just kept snapping away.  Before we knew it she had modelled all of our new French Twist necklaces...and how gorgeous does she look!  

Molly and Moana

(Moana and her daughter (and our Model) Molly at our Mother's Day photoshoot)

Moana is one those people that oozes positivity and always has an authentic smile on her face, so it’s no wonder she’s made it her life mission to help empower other women to glow from the inside.  She’s like a one-stop-empowerment shop as she helps women be the best version of themselves, both in life and style.  Moana is a Life Coach, Personal Stylist and Beauty Therapist and works with people on a holistic level.

She believes your wardrobe and personal style is only part of process and that you need to be in-tune with your mind and heart as well.   

Moana of Bstyled For Life

(Moana wears our new French Twist Long Striped Necklace $62, Everyday Bangles $22, Everyday Drops $22)

Thanks for jumping in front of the camera Moana, we absolutely LOVED having you around.

You can find out more about Moana and her business at BStyled for Life at www.bstyledforlife.com.au or on Facebook.

You can see the full collection of NEW French Twist Necklaces that Moana modelled HERE.



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