Celebrating Amazing Women // Our Clever Artisans

Celebrating Amazing Women // Our Clever Artisans

This year I celebrated Australia Day on the 25th of January and I was lucky enough to be in the company of an amazing group of ladies. 

Let me introduce to you our very clever artisans in the Philippines. 

I’m incredibly proud and consider myself so very lucky to have these women as part of the Ruby Olive family.  These are the women that help bring my ideas and concepts to life.  They are the women that are responsible for every single part of our manufacturing process.  They hand mix all my crazy colours, they hand make all my wierd shaped molds, they hand pour the resin into the molds (including my quirky requests for organic looking swirls), they hand sand every bead, they hand drill each component and they hand polish and hand string each and every piece (wow, that’s a lot of hands) to make the jewellery you proudly wear.

These ladies are the most giving, sweet and beautiful women, who certainly love a good laugh.

When I was thinking about this post I initially was going to post pictures of the ‘HOW’, such as detailed videos of our making process, but after some thought, I realised the most empowering and most meaningful part of our process was definitely the ‘WHO’.

After all, it’s people that matter most. 

The people at every touch point > beginning, middle and end. 

The clever people at the beginning who make for us.  The amazing people in the middle who work with us. The fabulous people at the end who buy from us. 

It’s because of YOU > supporting ME > that enables US > to support THEM. 

And that means an awful lot to me. 

So, I wanted to say a huge heartfelt  THANK YOU!

Thank YOU for helping me support these amazing women, which in turn helps THEM support their own family’s future. 


Ruby Olive Chief Dreamer + Designer

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