RO INSPIRED // International Womens Day

RO INSPIRED // International Womens Day

The 2017 motto of International Women's Day is "Be Bold for Change." And that couldn't hit closer to home for us here at Ruby Olive, with our motto of Live Boldly. 

The World Economic Forum produces a yearly annual report on the Gender Gap based on the areas of difference between men and women in health, education, economy and politics. Even after 5 years of data, the report shows that progress is too slow to see gender parity occur within any of our lifetimes. 

A handy calculator on the site lets you calculate how old you will be when gender parity is reached. I will be 193 years old. Out of the 144 countries listed, Australia is sitting at a dismal number 46. WE CAN DO BETTER. 

Any person, regardless of gender, can be a leader within their own spheres and take action to accelerate gender parity. Action is like fire, it just spreads and it takes on more and more power. And it all begins will little but bold choices. 

The International Women's Day site has an excellent list of actions to take, that range from simple, "call it out when women are excluded" to more involved, "encourage more girls into STEM education and careers." 

Definitely go and check it out, and you will find that there are a plethora of small actions, probably some that you are already doing, that will help in some small, or large way. 

This year we are pledging to challenge bias and inequality, as well as buying from and supporting female owned businesses. This awesome website hosts brands with at least 30% female representatives on the Board of Directors or are at least 50% female owned. 

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