Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Brigitte - our RO x Canteen Collection model

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Brigitte - our RO x Canteen Collection model

Meet Brigitte. A woman with a heart as big as her smile.  

Though she's acclaimed as an actor, her most cherished role is brightening the lives of children confined to hospital beds as a Captain Starlight.

A role she takes super seriously.

"I've witnessed their struggles, their pain, but also their remarkable resilience and strength" Brigitte shares. "And if I can bring just a little bit of joy into their lives, it's all worth it.”

When we needed a model to showcase our amazing new collection, we knew exactly who we wanted.  She lent us her radiant smile and kind spirit to model products that support a cause close to all of our hearts.

Through our new Wild River collection, we're rallying support for Canteen, an organization dedicated to supporting those impacted by cancer.    

"I've seen firsthand the struggles these kids and their families face when battling cancer. Every smile, every moment of joy we can bring them, it means the world. And being able to support organizations like Canteen, it's my way of giving back and making a difference."

This stunning new collection features artwork by Victorian based artist Deb McNaughton and includes lanyards, totes, pouches, towels lens cloths.


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