We proudly celebrate Aussie women creatives and we showcase their gorgeous work on our much loved pieces.

EXCITING NEWS: We are now looking for more future collaboration artists!

We’re calling out for fabulous artists who’d be a perfect fit with RO’s pieces. Think you know someone? Does this sound like you? Let’s chat!


We proudly celebrate our artists!

It is such an honour that we get to celebrate incredible women in the arts. We LOVE shouting about our collaborative partners from the hilltops! It is also our main goal to deliver a seamless collaboration that works well for our artists. Check out below what one of our long-standing artists has to say about the process.


Since 2020, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Ruby Olive on a number of creative projects.

It's been a wonderful experience being part of the creative journey with this unique and colourful brand.

Skye's not just an amazing collaborator – she's a visionary wizard who knows her brand inside out and her attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the integrity of my artwork throughout the entire product production process has been truly commendable.

It's reassuring to work with someone so passionate about their brand and the artists they collaborate with!

Skye's infectious enthusiasm and knack for bringing out the best in creative partnerships, make working with Skye and Ruby Olive an absolute delight.

- Georgina Forbes - Lordy Dordie Art