Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Leina

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Leina

This is the second in our RO Style Icon series, where we chat with some stylin' and super inspiring Australian women about their style journeys! Last week we chatted to Elizabeth Kingston (from Timeless Styling) and this week we say hello to one of our absolute favourite Australian designers, Leina Broughton.


RO: Heya, can you tell us your name, and what you do?

LB: I'm Leina Broughton – Creative Director for Leina Broughton. 

RO: We wanna know what was your first fashion moment, the moment you realised you had a passion for style?

LB: My mum taught me to sew when I was 12 years old and it really was like a duck to water... I started creating my own designs straight away. The first piece was a denim skirt that I created a spiral stitch design on the back pockets

RO: Sounds stylin'! So, how do you get dressed in the morning? Is there one piece that you build an outfit around or do you just start throwing things on?

LB: First thought: What is on for the day? I am extremely well organised and the outfit needs to tie in with the schedule. I like comfort and ease which is where my love affair with jersey fabrics came from.

RO: Nice, there's just something about jersey... Do you have colours you would never wear together, or alternatively, colours you find yourself always drawn to?

LB: Every colour has its time and place! I’m absolutely crazy about navy, such a classic yet contemporary colour that works with everything.

RO: So, do you have any favourite Australian labels to wear?

LB: My RTW clothing is honestly all LB… Live and breathe the brand!! I have just recently discovered Jets and Bec & Bridge swimwear and I’m absolutely in love.

RO: What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe, whether it be clothing, jewels or shoes?

LB: I think my answer to that would change on a daily basis!! At the moment it is a delicate silver ring I bought on my recent travels and my new TW Steel oversized white/rose gold watch.

RO: What is your top styling tip? And your “no-no” - something you don’t like or would never do?

LB: Keep it simple and collect quality pieces that you love. Everyday I wear something that makes me smile and I think it shows through in style confidence…

The no-no would be don’t buy into something just because it is on-trend. Be comfortable in your style, the best thing about your style is you.

RO: Where do you get your style inspiration from? Magazines, movies, the world around you?

LB: Everywhere… We release capsule collections monthly which means creativity has become part of my everyday life, for which I feel extremely grateful! It sounds corny but when I see something that inspires me my eyes feel like they light up and I get a warm chest feeling… kind of like sipping on a smooth vintage whiskey! Out with the phone and capture the thought with an image.

Australian Designer Leina Broughton

RO: What are your rules for accessorising? Are you in the school of “less is more” or “always take one thing off before you leave the house”?

LB: I don’t think there are any rules except embrace your own style!

For me, it is always less is more… I like items that hold some emotional connection and I tend to treasure them and wear them as special pieces. Including my very treasured RO pieces!

RO: Aw shucks! And finally, do you have a style motto?

LB: Sophisticated yet simple, elegant yet uncomplicated.

RO: Thanks Leina! Your style is truly reflected in your designs, classic and classy! 

Check out Leina's stunning designs here and follow her on Insta and FB! 

Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive SIgn Off


PS. All images taken from Leina's Instagram, what a fox! 


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