BE THE DESIGNER // It's Design Time!

BE THE DESIGNER // It's Design Time!


Well is your chance!  We want YOU to design YOUR dream necklace.  

It's about having some fun, it's about firing up your creativity, it's about dreaming!

AND THE BEST BIT...your design could be put into production.

STEP 1: Download the template and start playing 

STEP 2: Send in your design and it'll go to the vote - email

STEP 3: Vote on your favourites

STEP 4: Celebrate the winner (it could be YOU)

The 3 categories for judging + the prizes up for grabs -->

It seems your dream necklace is pretty special, it was voted top and we just don't think we could live without it.  You dream necklace will become a reality...and will be put into production...Whooo Hooo!!! You'll get naming rights plus you'll receive the first piece off the production line.  You'll also receive a $200 gift voucher to spend online while you wait for your new baby to be made.  The judging will incorporate voters 'likes' + 'commercialisation' of the design (ie: how it can be translated into a commercial, practical product).  

EXPRESSION SESSION: You have created something unique and innovative.  It may not necessarily be practical but it sure is simply amazing!  You'll take out the Expression Session title and will also receive a $150 Ruby Olive Gift Voucher to spend online.

COLOURMAD: You're a star after our own have just created the craziest, most spectacular masterpiece of colour.  Like the previous category, your design doesn't need to be's something from your dreams!  You'll also receive a $150 Ruby Olive Gift Voucher to spend online.



Terms & Conditions:
  • Competition ends 30th of April 2016.  
  • Once all the designs have been collated, we will put them up online for the vote.  Voting will be open for 7 days after they have been uploaded.
  • The winner will be announced 15th May 2016.
  • One design per entry, but you can enter as many times as you like.
  • Designs can be in any medium (ie digital or old fashioned sketch/pencil


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