RO INSPIRED // Become the Boss of Busy with Alison Hill TIP #3

RO INSPIRED // Become the Boss of Busy with Alison Hill TIP #3

Become the boss of busy 

(In case you missed them, last week Ali shared Tip #1 and Tip #2, in her series.)


Tip #3: Set your sacred zone

How many times have you had that experience where you get more stuff done in an hour that you normally would in a whole day?

What if you could have that feeling (and result) every day?

Well you can. True. You’ve just gotta set some boundaries, for yourself and others.

Remember our last thing? Tip #2 – we looked at deciding on one thing that would make the day a success. Now our strategy is to schedule in and lock down an hour-of-power. Pure rock n’ roll time. Pedal to the metal, all out effort.

It’ll change your life. Totes.

This hour of pure productivity needs to be sacred. Shut the doors, switch the phone off and get in your zone. Treat it like a game you have to win, or die trying.

If you fire yourself up and attack that hour you’ll be amazed at what you can get done in 60 minutes. But it has to be planned in advance. You need to set the time aside mentally when you start the day, even if it’s from 10.30am-11.30am.

If you try and do an hour of power ‘when the moment hits me’, or ‘when I have a spare hour’ then I promise you it just won’t happen.

Pour yourself your favourite cuppa and then get it done (see you on the other side).

Love Ali

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