BE THE DESIGNER // The Cascade Waterfall Necklace is here!

BE THE DESIGNER // The Cascade Waterfall Necklace is here!

Our Be the Designer Competition is reaching it's final stages, with the winning design, The Cascade Waterfall Necklace, finally in our HOT little hands! To celebrate we thought we would share with you a little chat we had with the superstar designer behind the design, Vicki Meehan! 


RO: Hey Vicki, we want to know what was your inspiration for the design? 

Vicki: It was inspired by the way water flows down a creek - droplets all flowing in the same direction until they hit an obstacle like a rock, where the flow parts to move around and then rejoins to continue on its way... I was wanting the bib itself to almost be a droplet shape (starting off with the point of one drop and then ending at a wide point) to sort of show how water accumulates and cascades... Also I love the asymmetry of the shape...

RO: It's so awesome that you had such a vivid inspiration, because it's allowed us to design a whole range around the themes! And next, we'd love to know your favourite colour?

Vicki: I'd say it's orange, but then I'd say about a dozen other colours too... More than a single colour, I'd say I love colour combinations. My fave is orange and navy, but also heavily featured is grey with a neon yellow, neon green, or neon pink... I also really like different shades of a colour together... That's why I love accessorising - you can do so many different colour combos...

RO: We certainly agree there! We feel you can get away with some more out there colour combinations with jewellery because it won't overpower you! So, do you have kids or pets (and what age)?

Vicki: I have a son 6, and a daughter 3... No pets, unless you count the neighbours cat that often comes to hang out...

RO: Haha, ah the classic street cat! It's always nice for the little ones to see a furry face around. Since your design was so polished and thought out, we have been wondering if you work in a creative environment?

Vicki: I'm the graphics manager at Creek Road Media, which is the creative media team at Creek Road Presbyterian Church... I do their graphic design, come up with their graphics etc but I work with filmmakers, and songwriters, ... So I work in a very creative team with some awesomely talented people...

RO: That's awesome! A collaboratively creative environment is certainly a fun place to be! So, what does creativity mean to you?

Vicki: Creativity is expressing yourself... We're doing a series at creek road at the moment about the image we're created in... And I've come to realise that everything is a form of creativity... So there's creativity in how an accountant can turn numbers into something someone else can understand, or there's creativity in an IT developer coming up with a solution to a problem... I just happen to be creative with shapes and colours... My children have also taught me to see creativity and beauty in the seemingly most random scribbles... It's all just people expressing themselves in whatever way they know how...

RO: Good answer Vicki! Sometimes creativity comes wrapped up in other packages, but it doesn't make it less creative than a painting or a necklace design! We would like to know what are your 3 most important things in life?

1) my faith
2) my family
3) a good hot breakfast

RO: Lovely, can't say no to a hot brekky! Lastly, How did you find out about Ruby Olive?
Vicki: I found one of your necklaces on an online store... To this day it's one of my faves...

Put your hands up if you're excited to get your hands on one of Vicki's gorgeous design? Hint, you can order yours now


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