Over the years, we’ve continually admired her evolving style as she’s shown us her thoughtful and styled-to-perfection looks of the day. 

We were first introduced to Sue in 2016 via her Instagram account @si_stylefiles. We started to see a sophisticated, fun and quirky sense of style as Sue matched her Ruby Olive pieces to her fabulous collection of jewellery and brooches. Sue has an amazing aura that speaks volumes, most notably seen when she communicates with the amazing RO community within our private Facebook group, Ruby Olive - Be the Designer.

Recently we were lucky enough to have Sue model some of our RO goodies, and doesn’t she looks amazing! Each of the outfits you see her in, are her own items of clothing and were specifically chosen by her to match her favourite RO jewels. 

Grab a cuppa and take a seat, let's have a little chit chat with the gorgeous Sue!

RO: So, tell us a little bit about yourself...

Sue: I'm a colour addict, an interior designer, a wife, and a mum of two children and one fur baby. I grew up just outside of Toowoomba (which is in South East Queensland for our international friends) on a property and I spent most of my childhood inside playing dolls and rearranging my room.

RO: Have you always loved colour?

Sue: I have ALWAYS loved colour. My favourite childhood song was I Can Sing a Rainbow, but long before I learnt that one, I was apparently making up my own songs about the colour Aqua. It is STILL my most favourite hue, but it now encompasses teal, turquoise and all shades in between.

For many years I worked in architectural practices and wore a lot of black (it's a designer thing), but after a while I gave into the desire to embrace wearing more colour. It made me feel alive! And, receiving compliments on how I combined colours and accessories, gave me the confidence to be braver in this regard. A few years later (ago) a friend asked me to get 'my colours done' with her. I was a bit hesitant (because I thought I had it covered), but she was convincing, so off we went. It was actually a revelation! It gave me further confidence and a sense of clarity with regards to embracing my own personal style & physicality. So much so, that I studied to become a qualified Personal Colour & Image Consultant to help others do the same. Between family, running my own Interior Design business and all of the other things life throws at you, I haven't found the time to practice this professionally though.


RO: What do you love about Ruby Olive accessories?

Sue: I get my daily style fix via my Instagram account, and the Ruby Olive - Be the Designer group. I enjoy sharing my tips and tricks with the beautiful women in the RO community. We support each other in so many ways beyond style, but our love for RO, and the happiness this brand brings to our lives, underpins our friendships.

RO: How would you describe your style?

Sue: I would describe my style as ‘classic meets creative’. The cuts and clothing styles I wear create simple silhouettes, but there is always an element of surprise with either a quirky print or colourful accessories... sometimes both! I love colour on colour... and analogous combinations are my favourite. They're neighbours on the colour wheel... think blue/green, blue/purple, purple/red etc. Depending on the combination, I find them either soothing or dynamic. I also love block colours, high contrast and gravitate towards shapes with geometric styling.

RO: Is there a defining moment that helped shape your awesome style?

Sue: I first noticed resin jewellery through another brand. My first Ruby Olive piece was a bangle with timber, pink & orange (analogous colours) elements. I was really drawn to the combination of man-made and natural materials in this piece. Once RO was on my radar, I realised that many of the colours RO use suit my preferred palette so perfectly. The price point also made it so accessible to me. Pretty soon I began actively looking for the brand. So once I discovered their online store I was in BIG TROUBLE!

RO: If you were to introduce RO to a person who's never heard of the brand before, what would you say to them?

Sue: People often comment on my RO jewellery and I delight in introducing them to the brand. They are often surprised when I tell them RO is a Brisbane based, home grown company. Because let's face it... it presents as a schmick, global operation. After they know the brand name (it's pretty easy to remember a colourful, resin jewellery brand, when it's named after two colours), I'm sure the rest is history, because RO sells itself! Although it should probably come with a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE warning label.

RO: Why did you say YES! to being a RO superstar model?

Sue: I was BEYOND excited when Hannah & I were asked to be RO superstar models. I immediately said yes. I think it is so important to embrace who you are and not be dictated to by the media telling you who you should be, what you should wear and how you should look. For me, being a ROckstar (an affectionate term for our RO group members) was about walking the walk (and getting to play dress-ups at RO HQ).

RO: Last but not least, what are the top three things, or 'rules' you choose to live by?

Sue: 3 Rules I live by:

#1 Be authentic

#2 Love big

#3 Always wear colour

Thank you Sue for sharing your wealth of knowledge when it comes to colour, and for being an incredible RO advocate. We look forward to seeing how else you team up your bright and colourful Ruby Olive pieces, and live your life boldly through it.

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