Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Ann!

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Ann!

Today we are celebrating the amazing Ann Nguyen, who left her career in law to follow her passion for creativity. Ann's artworks are known for their bright colours, shiny metallics, and bold shapes that just instantly make you feel happy. Ann is not only an incredible artist, but also one of our RO models! We wanted to introduce you to Ann and learn more about her fabulous journey as an artist. #celebratingamazingwomen

RO: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

AG: Hi! I am an artist who enjoys living my best creative life with my family in Brisbane. I left a career in law in search of adventure, and now I am doing what I love - being creative every day. Like most of the population, I discovered my green thumb during the pandemic and started painting terracotta pots to house my growing indoor jungle collection. I started painting pots for friends and family and before long, for fellow plant lovers all around Australia! I really enjoy using bright colours, shiny metallics and bold shapes in my artworks. 

RO: Use three words to describe your art.

AG: Colourful, bright and happy!

RO: What was the first piece of artwork you connected with? How did it make you feel?

AG: The first artwork I fell in love with was ‘Muse’ by Australian artist David Laity. It’s a figurative painting of a woman with black hair taking off her coat. I just loved the colours, the texture and the lovely curvy lines of the woman. I adore all of David Laity’s paintings but I loved ‘Muse’ so much that I spent my first law paycheck on a limited edition print. It still hangs in my bedroom to this day, fifteen years on.

RO: As an artist, have you ever struggled with inspiration and creativity? If so, how did you get that spark back?

AG: I’m inspired all the time, but creativity doesn’t always come out in a constant stream for me. I have learnt to ride the wave when it comes. When my creativity flows - I write it down, make notes, start drawing. When it stops and I feel creatively blocked, I go back to my idea bank to see if something jumps out at me. I try not to force creativity when I’m not feeling it, but I have found that a simple walk or a day out exploring new places with family and friends can spark inspiration.

RO: Is there a particular impression or feeling that you want to leave people with when they view your pieces?

AG: I enjoy art that makes me feel good, or leaves me with a feeling of wonder. So I hope people who see my art feel like that. Maybe they wonder whether the colours I chose were planned or just a happy accident. Or maybe they feel happy because the artwork takes them back to a happy childhood memory.

RO: We love talented and amazing women (like yourself) here at RO. What’s the best and worst thing about working for yourself? 

AG: The best thing about working for myself is the unlimited pet cuddles! My three studio supervisors are very hairy (and one is an extremely loud snorer) but they are also my biggest supporters. The worst thing is that I talk to myself a lot.

RO: Tell us something we’d never guess about you?

AG: I got to go behind the scenes for one of the episodes of The Bachelor a few years ago - the seventh season when Matt Agnew was the bachelor. The company I worked for at the time provided one of the group date activities - it was painting! I remember ironing a painting apron next to Matt and Osher while they were getting their makeup done.

RO: You work with a few different mediums from canvas to terracotta to ceramics. Do you have any fun stories that you can share with us about your creative process?

AG: The Artful Grimmer really is a family affair. The kids help with lots of aspects of the business - from sanding and prepping the pots to packing everything safely and securely for shipping. They help with the naming of the pots and artworks too.

RO: How do you find inspiration when creating your gorgeous artworks?

AG: I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my favourite thing to do is paint pots. It’s often the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thought on my mind when I go to sleep. Sometimes I might be inspired by a pattern in the concrete of a sidewalk. Or the colours of a swimsuit in a store window. The other day I stopped to snap a photo of some gift wrap in a shop because I saw a shape I liked. I love exploring new places and things because it sparks all kinds of inspiration and creativity for me. The more I see, the more inspired I am. 


Ann's journey as an artist is truly inspiring, and we're so grateful to learn more about this incredible woman! Ann's art is a reflection of her joyful personality, and she aims to bring a sense of wonder and happiness to those who view her pieces. We hope Ann's story inspires you to pursue your passion, no matter where it may lead you. Thanks so much for chatting with us Ann!

Website - theartfulgrimmer.com.au
Instagram - @theartfulgrimmer
Facebook - @theartfulgrimmer

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