Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Elizabeth

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Elizabeth

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We first met Elizabeth back in 2016, when after aeons of likes, comments and messages on Instagram we finally caught up for a coffee. We were expecting her to be loud, crazy and excitable, but contrary to her bold, colourful and outrageous outfits, we met with gentle, softly spoken and eloquent Elizabeth. 


If you haven't seen her Instagram, @timeless_styling is a celebration of colour, prints, designers and accessories. Elizabeth's eye for accessory layering, matching hues, creating beautiful shapes and mixing prints is rivalled only by the seminal Iris Apfel. Armed with a sewing machine, a fabulous collection of beads and buttons, Elizabeth could take your most stock standard dress and turn it into something fabulous. 

 Elizabeth from Timeless Styling wearing Ruby Olive on Yellow Background
Carousel Artisan Striped Disc Drop Earrings $32

Her passion for all things fashion began essentially at birth but blossomed as soon as she was old enough to thread a needle, she recalls, "I used to create clothes for my doll, by wrapping pieces of her remnant fabrics around its body and crudely hand-stitching them together. I started sewing my own clothes from the age of 13, in part due to my parents being unable to afford the latest trends, but mostly because the thrill of wearing something different to anyone else was exciting."


This passion developed into owning her own business, Tpinjii Designs, which she ran for about 10 years (mid 1980s to 1990s) and then progressed into working in various Australian boutiques and working as an Art teacher. 


Her attitude to colour is one of devotion and experimentation. There isn't a hue she shies away from, with her Instagram a gallery of bright jewel tones, muted greys and everything in between. Where she truly adds the magic is in her ability to mix textures and fabrics. Delicate silks alongside leather, rustic linens with velvet. She creates looks that have an incredible depth of detail and care. 


Hands with Ruby Olive colourful bangles and bold rings on navy blue background

Carousel Striped Bangle $45 and Wonderland 2 Tone Bangles $30

We have always loved catching up with Elizabeth over a cup of tea and have been waiting for the opportunity to get her in front of the camera. So when busy schedules finally aligned and we were able to capture her truly unique styling in a photo shoot recently, we were over the moon! 


We gave her free reign over our entire Carousel collection (plus a few more) and sat back and watched while she worked her magic. Bangles were stacked, necklaces were layered and the results are truly stunning. 


Elizabeth wearing bold colourful Ruby Olive necklaces and statement earrings standing on her side

Carousel Striped Disc Necklace $55 and Carousel Long Candy Necklace $75

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram to keep up with her style journey! #celebratingamazingwomen


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malka von weber

reminds me of my youngest daughter.. in hi-school. The principle would phone me to tell me she was not dressed "dress-code. eg Black (fake) leather bakini,, cowboy boots & “10 gallon hat” sea shell necklace (not just on her neck but also around the brim of the 10 gallon hat ! for "modesty sake she wore (her late dad’s hiwaian print shirt ! O she completed high school at age 15 ! This summer she will be 65 yrs ‘young’ ! Can’t help but lover her …

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