We are absolutely proud as punch to share that our very own Dream Fulfilment Specialist Sabrina, was selected to be part of the Review Australia International Women's Day #reviewgirl campaign. The reason we are so proud is not just because of the gorgeous photos, it's about a super important message behind this campaign. It's a message we share throughout the year by celebrating women each and every day and using our customers as our models. It's the message that you are amazing, just the way you are, in the skin you are in! Sabrina puts it beautifully below. Stick with us, it's a long post, but so worth the read. Take it away Sabrina...


I am proud because I put myself ‘out there’ and was selected to be a ‘real Review Girl’ for their International women’s day campaign. 💖

It was an incredible day on set and I wish nothing more than for others to experience the same thing. ❤️

This ‘real woman’ campaign needs to be a success. 

I am proud, because I try to teach my girls to be happy and proud in their skin but it’s so hard when marketing all features size 6/8 ‘perfect’ face, blonde, young models. And especially proud that I was chosen for my ‘audition tape’ letting my personality shine through as recently some kids commented to my girls that their mum is fat. Which is fine, it opened up the conversation about how each body is different and should be celebrated, while still looking after yourself. Having a tummy does not equal unhealthy!

I am super proud of who I am representing, who we so rarely see in any advertising:
- the mum/ woman who always puts herself last
- the mum/woman who gets her hair done once/ twice a year
- the mum still rocking a mum tum going on 7 years now
- the mum/ woman who still shops for clothes over the age of 30
- the mum/ woman who has marked and pigmented skin and wrinkles

Please, please, please when you see this brand new Review campaign, interact with the social media and shop if you can. ❤️

Like, comment and tag on all the posts. Tag your friends, mums, sisters, cousins, TAG ME!! 💖

If this campaign is a success then maybe, just maybe, we will see it again and other brands, companies and labels will feature ‘real’ women too.

❤️ Props to Skye at Ruby Olive Jewellery (where I work), who has always featured real women in her campaigns and gave me the confidence to jump in front of the camera to begin with. And Brittany, for being just as excited as me!

Props to all the models, my one day on set was bloody hard and I have no doubt being a model is an incredibly demanding job.

❤️ Props to all those who don’t fit the above, we are all different and we all to be celebrated.

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Listen to Sabrina's interview with Hit105 Brisbane below. Be warned, you may need a box of tissues! 

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