Colour Me HAPPY! What Is Ruby Olive About?

Colour Me HAPPY! What Is Ruby Olive About?

Sure, we design jewellery, but what is Ruby Olive really all about?


We're about smiles on faces... 

Our primary mission is clear and simple - we want to put more smiles on faces! Your faces, you friends faces, the faces of people that see you walking tall and proud down the street and the faces of the people who work with us, making and selling our products.

Your smile is the most beautiful thing about you... seriously, we mean it! And it's by FAR the prettiest thing you can wear. 

When you smile, you look more confident and feel positive. 

A smile is a REALLY powerful thing... and lots of fancy pants scientists have done lots of fancy pants research on how a smile can create positive feelings which leads to increased endorphins, which leads to... yep, you guessed it... greater happiness. 

POW! Oh yeah baby, get me more of those endorphins!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing a little more about our story, who we are and what makes us tick. 

Big thanks to the following people for their amazing photos:

Top to bottom:
1. Skye Anderton (Chief Dreamer) - Ruby Olive Jewellery
2. Rosemary Slade (Content Editor) and Shelly Horton (Lifestyle Journalist & News Commentator) - Super Fast Diet
3. Margarita Shoebridge (Dream Fulfilment Specialist) - Ruby Olive Jewellery 
4. Dayle - @artfulcitystyle 
5. Madison Sturgess (Communications Manager) - EnergySpark International


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