NOTE FROM SKYE // How. Are. You. Doing?

NOTE FROM SKYE // How. Are. You. Doing?



Things are tough.  SO MUCH going on that is simply out of our control. 


I know jewellery and accessories may not be top of mind for many people at the moment (I get it, I really do) but I wanted to share that we are committed to bringing you what we do best - COLOUR, JOY & OPTIMISM - as more than ever before I feel like that's what the world needs right now.


I also thought this might be a good time to share WHY we do WHAT we do.


Right from the very beginning when I started this business from my spare bedroom (almost 10 years ago...OMG), I was clear on three things. 


Those three little thoughts have now become three very powerful core values that underpin EVERYTHING we do.


A smile is THE MOST beautiful thing you can wear - hands down!  Our hope is that with every touch point with us and our products, you walk away with a smile on your face, whether it's a conversation on social media, an email or the joy you get when you open your very first Ruby Olive parcel and wear it for the first time. 


We've always been passionate about supporting our community but I feel now we need to step up.  It's tough for so many people - homeschooling while trying to work from home (yep, been there), isolation from your loved ones, loss of employment, or needing to work like crazy (and not able to see your family, like so many health professionals), the list is seriously endless and absolutely everyone is impacted.


***SIDE NOTE*** To bring a little bit of joy and kindness to people that are having a tough time, we're sending out 50 of our Kindness Gift Boxes to people that need some love right now - click below to find out more info.


On the surface this may seem a superficial action BUT living boldly is exactly what's needed to get through these uncertain times.  We need to challenge ourselves to do the things we've NEVER done before, we need to live in a way which is out of our comfort zone, doing things which may scare us.  Setting up Zoom or Skype for the first time, pivoting your business like nothing you've experienced before, learning new software which enables you to work from home, or trying to figure out how to homeschool your kids (and stay sane!).  This out of the box thinking...which everyone is now forced to do...IS living boldly.  The essence of living boldly is all about showing up, living a vibrant life, and not being afraid to try something different.



Also wanted to say a HUGE big heartfelt thank you for continuing to support us as a small business. It genuinely does mean the world to us and we can not thank you enough.  Thank you for also supporting every other small business that is doing it tough.  I know they really do appreciate it.


Big fat 'VIRTUAL' hugs, 
Keep smiling and remember to live boldly!

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