RO COLLABORATION // Maiocchi x Ruby Olive

RO COLLABORATION // Maiocchi x Ruby Olive

At the beginning of this year when I was thinking about the year that was (2016) I thought about what I loved and what I didn't love.  And clearly...I wanted to ensure I did more of the LOVES in 2017.  One of the things I loved in 2016 was celebrating awesome women and joining forces with them to make really awesome stuff happen.

So when Dee, the designer and founder, of gorgeous colourful clothing label Maiocchi approached me to collaborate for her Spring just made sense.

Dee had designed a GORGEOUS hearts print that was going to feature in her Spring collection and it was the perfect match for some fabulously fun, LOVED up accessories. Sure there were quite a few versions and lots of phone calls and early morning emails back and forth...but eventually these adorable little heart studs, brooches and adjustable necklaces came to life, and we couldn't be happier.  We've featured three colour combinations - pink/red, black/white and blue/aqua - in the collection and each can be worn as a set or separately. 

Our Maiocchi x Ruby Olive Hearts Collection launches TODAY (Whoo Hooo!) and matches back to so many of Dee's stunning outfits, like these super soft stripy dresses (pictured above).

The Hearts Dress (pictured at the top), which is what originally inspired the jewels, will be launching in September -YAY!!! And seriously it is SO devine...and SO MUCH fun!

We're absolutely thrilled with how this collaboration has turned out!  We hope you LOVE the pieces as much as we do.  

Check out the Ruby Olive x Maiocchi Hearts Collection here.

Ro x Maiocchi collaboration

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