RO COLLAB // Meet Cass Deller!

RO COLLAB // Meet Cass Deller!

We are SO thrilled to introduce you to the fabulous Cass Deller! Cass is an artist, entrepreneur and mentor in the creative space. Cass' stunning Beach Life watercolour artworks served as colour inspiration for our 'Beach Please' Collection, along with featuring on a gorgeous collaboration to be released VERY soon ;) Click here for SNEAK PEEKS!

Get the first sneak peeks of our stunning collab, and learn more about Cass by reading our chit chat with her below. We have absolutely LOVED working with Cass and can't take our eyes off these Beach inspired pieces... It feels like Summer is truly calling!

Cass Deller in her studio

RO: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

CD: I’m a mama of two littlies (6 and 2), an artist and a creative entrepreneur based in the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I started my creative endeavour as a side hustle 8 years ago and it’s organically grown to an incredible design business that I’m so proud of. My focus is on watercolour illustration, and surface pattern design for beautiful brands. As well as surface design, I create watercolour fine art and offer mentoring for other creatives. Life is definitely full and fun with business and family life. 

RO: We are SUPER excited about your stunning patterns in the Beach Life Collection (and our collaboration with these beauties!) Can you give us a little more insight into these fine art pieces? 

CD: The Beach Life Collection is a series of watercolour paintings that are very close to my heart. The inspiration for this collection stemmed from my childhood memories of summer holidays in Noosa. We grew up in Brisbane, and every January, just before school went back, we would holiday in Noosa for 3 weeks with our family. I didn’t know it then, but those three weeks of the year have been the inspiration for my entire creative journey so far. The feeling that I wanted to evoke with this collection are summed up in these words:

I can feel the sand between my toes, the sun kissing my skin, and a beautiful sense of calm.

I can hear the waves, crashing to the most meditative rhythm.

I can see an ocean of colour. A crowded shoreline, yet blissfully spacious.

The ocean is calling me.

Cass Deller in her studio

RO: What was the first artwork that you really connected with?

CD: I love this question, because when I think of artwork that I personally connected with, it was artwork on swimwear. As strange as that might sound, I remember window shopping in summer holidays and seeing bright bikini designs in the window.  A seed was planted way back then and it’s quite surreal that I get to design artwork like that for swimwear and other beautiful products.  

RO: You are an incredibly accomplished artist. What made you step out from being an artist only to being a mentor and helping other creatives to realise their full potential?

CD: Mentoring other creatives is something that truly lights me up. My nature has always been to guide and help others. I remember when I was studying Graphic Design, I was always the one to finish my work and then try to help others who needed it. I feel like I’ve spent so long learning Surface Pattern Design (the hard way) that I want to share my knowledge and help other designers build a creative business that they love. I see so many incredibly talented artists and designers who could easily make an amazing living from their talents, and they are being held back by old limiting beliefs and society telling them that art isn’t a career. I want to turn that narrative around and show other creatives that they can absolutely build a thriving creative business from their talents.

Cass Deller Wrist Lanyards

RO:  You have worked with A LOT of wonderful brands. We won't ask which one was your favourite, but do you have any fun stories that you can share with us about the collaborations and creative process?

CD: Haha yes, don’t ask me to pick a favourite client, it’s like picking a favourite child haha. I truly value every one of the clients and collaborations I’ve worked on, I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and experiences that I am so grateful for. To be honest, I’m having the most fun when I’m painting, so the murals that I’ve painted really stand out in my mind. I only take on about one mural commission per year as they are so time consuming. The most recent mural I painted was for Peregian Beach Hotel, and was one of my favourite collabs to date. When I get to physically transform a space, and have the community watching on, and enjoying the space for years to come, that’s such a special experience.

RO: Can you tell us your favourite family pastime or activity to do together with your young children?

CD: Taking the kids to the beach has to be our favourite thing to do as a family. It’s something that we didn’t have available to us daily growing up, so we try to take the kids to the beach at least 3 times a week. It’s surreal to us that we can walk 25 minutes down the road and be at the ocean, we never take that for granted. The kids are too little to surf the waves just yet, so playing in the sand and rock pools are their favourite things to do, it’s always so hard to tell them it’s time to go home, haha.

Cass Deller Puzzle

RO: What are some of your favourite hobbies or pastimes for when you get a spare moment to yourself?

CD: Haha I don’t think many mums get to have hobbies, do they? Haha. Luckily I turned my hobby into my business, so I’m very thankful that I’m able to paint, play and create for a living. I try to mix my own passion projects in with my client work so that it doesn’t always feel like work. As boring as it might sound, going for walks whilst listening to podcasts or audio books is one of my favourite things to do. That is my true definition of ‘me time’.

RO: We are big believers in colours affecting our moods and frame of mind.  What colour do you find yourself drawn to, and what colour is your all time favourite?

CD: Yes, I completely agree. I’ve always just allowed colour to come to me really organically. I’m naturally drawn to feminine and coastal colours. I love strong colour in other artists' work, however when I paint in watercolour I tend to be drawn more to pastels and lighter tones. Like many artists I’m always toggling between a natural palette and a brighter one. I find that when we’re coming into summer and the weather is getting warmer, I lean towards bright pinks and aquas, however in the cooler months I like warm tones like peaches and mustards. 

Cass Deller in her Sunshine Coast Studio

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us Cass, it has been an absolute pleasure! We have LOVED celebrating you and your artwork with this collaboration #celebratingamazingwomen

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Photography: Valeria Ramirez - @valeriaramirezphotography

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