POWER OF COMMUNITY // RO Frocktober High Tea

POWER OF COMMUNITY // RO Frocktober High Tea

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WOW... What a frocking spectacular event this was! Recently, the Ruby Olive HQ team and a FABULOUS bunch of Frocking ROckstars came together at Covent Garden in Brisbane to help raise much needed funds for women's cancers. 

What is a 'Frocking ROckstar', I hear you ask? Let's start off with a little bit of background info... Did you know that 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85? There are some seriously scary statistics around women's cancers, and sadly as it stands, they remain silent killers.

Frocktober Ladies
October is an awareness month for both breast and ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer does not have any early detection tests, and up until last year, had absolutely no funding or support from the government for research. Zip, zilch, nada, none - which is simply heartbreaking for those affected by this form of cancer and their loved ones.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) created Frocktober in an aim to raise funds for further research, and in an effort to create an early detection test. Our fabulous customer and friend Sue, organised a Ruby Olive Frocktober team called the Frocking 'RO'ckstars - an amazing group of women, who just happen to also love Ruby Olive.

Frocktober High Tea Fun
Our team fundraising event here in Brisbane was a High Tea at a gorgeous gin bar. I know, I know... A high tea at a gin bar with a fantastic cause, what could be better?! It was amazing. We all came together for a day of laughs, chats, food, fundraising and gin. Collectively we raised just shy of $1000 to add to the Frocking ROckstars tally.

The current fundraising total is now sitting at over $12000 (at time of publishing). How incredible is that! It blows us away seeing how phenomenal our community is, especially when everyone comes together, and the amazing things they achieve. See our high tea highlights and the gorgeous women who made it possible HERE.

Jewels for Cancer!
So our question to you now... Can you help us reach $15000? We have created an adorable Jewels for Cancer Earring Pack to help raise more funds. $5 from every pack sold will go directly towards supporting women's cancers. Look fab while doing good! So far we've raised an extra $450 (split evenly between breast and ovarian cancer) with our Clips 4 Cancer. Each and every cent truly counts. Can you help?

All the ways you can get involved:
> Grab your Jewels for Cancer Earrings Packs 
> Donate directly on the Frocking ROckstars page
> SHARE with your friends and family 

Love RO xx

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It has been such an amazingly heart-warming experience to have become part of the RO “family” and to see that through the power of this community, and these extraordinary women (bonded through a love of joyful jewellery), such an impact can be made on such worthy causes that touch all of us in some way. Go Frocking ROckstars!

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