RO GUEST DESIGNER // Meet Tracy Verdugo!

RO GUEST DESIGNER // Meet Tracy Verdugo!

Introducing our latest Guest Designer - a colourful, inspirational and creative soul from gorgeous Jervis Bay in NSW, the incredible Tracy Verdugo! Tracy is a prolific painter (and has been for 20+ years), an inspiration instigator and all round creative free spirit. Tracy describes her art as vibrant, spontaneous and playful, and has a lot of fun creating it all in her little seaside studio. 

Tracy teaches other creatives all around Australia and the world (online + in-person) to recognise and let shine their own unique creative gifts. Tracy believes creativity heals and sparks joy, and she's on a mission to spread more of that as widely as she can! 

We are so thrilled to have worked with Tracy to bring you 3 of her STUNNING artworks across our collaboration products: 

'The Cat Lady Of Porto'
'Island Of The Gods' and
'The River Of Contentment'

Check them out HERE and keep reading to find out more about Tracy below! #celebratingamazingwomen

RO: What sparked your love of art? Was there a defining ‘aha!’ moment, or have you always wanted to be an artist?

TV: I wanted to be a dancer and a singer and a movie star but somehow thought that “art” was a magic gift only bestowed upon a select few. In my family it was my brother who had the gift so I never even tried. It was only when I attended my first art class at 33 that I felt like some kind of veil had been lifted from my eyes, like the world was somehow shinier, more alive and in focus and I knew, almost immediately that my beliefs around art were all wrong and that “EVERYONE” could access this “special gift”.

RO: Do you have a most memorable, or meaningful piece? If so, why is it so special?

TV: In 2016 I taught a three day workshop in Florida with a group of amazing women. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I honestly am so grateful for the way these women held space for me. My demo painting that weekend unfolded spontaneously and surprised all of us as it seemed to magically encompass our connection and our shared stories. I called it She Tribe. 

RO: What are you most proud of?

TV: I am most proud of our family and the way that my husband and I have been able to rewrite our childhood scripts to intentionally and lovingly raise two gorgeous, strong, compassionate, independent young women who in turn have inspired me to live my fullest life. The icing on the cake is our new granddaughter Nora Luz!

Tracy Verdugo's daughter Santana and granddaughter Nora Luz wearing Ruby Olive Twilly Scarves

RO: Here at RO, we are big believers in the power of colour and how it can positively impact us. Your artworks feature lots of gorgeous colours, which is part of why we were so drawn to you, and your work. What is it about colour that you love? 

TV: At the age of 20 I took my first trip overseas and fell in love with the color, vibrancy and creative spirit of Mexico and the Mexican culture! It was like that scene in the movie Pleasantville where suddenly the whole world switches from black and white to color! Something just sparked in me and has been with me ever since! I love everything pattern, color and texture!!

RO: What are the top three things or ‘rules’ you live by?

    1. Be kind and remember that everyone has stuff going on that we may know nothing about.
    2. Get quiet and present as often as you can and learn to listen to your gut and recognise the magic that is all around you.
    3. Be curious about everything, keep your eyes open to the wonder and always always be open to learning new things.

Thank you SO much to Tracy for having a chit chat with us, and being a part of our RO world. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with this fabulous woman, and we hope YOU love her artwork as much as we do! 

Instagram - @tracyverdugo
Facebook - @tracyverdugoart
Website -

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