STYLE GUIDE // How the Intuitive Styling girls wear their scarves

STYLE GUIDE // How the Intuitive Styling girls wear their scarves

Introducing the fabulous four women of Intuitive Styling! Fran, Jess, Jules and Lisa are all colour lovers with gorgeously bright style. Their use of colour and pattern in their styling makes us swoon! Naturally, we asked the ladies if they could style up our fun Twisted Hoops and Scarf Range. They gave us their 4 fave ways to style your RO scarf! 

#1 - 'The Classic Scarf' styled by Lisa @lisavain123
Scarf style: Wide. Lisa wears the Joy In The Everyday 'Alegria' Wide Scarf.

The most universally known and classic way to wear a scarf... Bring one side of the scarf over your shoulders, wrap around your neck and drape the tail over your other shoulder. Voila, you'll be looking amazing! This is a gorgeous way to add a POP of colour to a jacket, sweater or dress. 

#2 - 'Effortlessly Draped' styled by Jess  @keanujess
Scarf style: Wide. Jess wears the Stronger Together 'Peace' Wide Scarf.

This is arguably the EASIEST way to wear a scarf... Simply drape a wide scarf over your shoulders and away you go, looking effortlessly fab! Our top tip here is to pick a scarf with colour tones that match your outfit or the pieces you wear most often. You could also match the scarf to your jewels (earrings, necklace, bangles). A fun and bold scarf will instantly lift your entire ensemble! 

#3 - Head Scarf styled by Fran @dreams.of.colour
Scarf style: Wide or Square. Fran wears the Stronger Together 'Vision' Square Scarf.

Achieve this adorable look with any scarf! You may prefer to style this look with a square scarf, as there will be less fabric to contend with. Fold the scarf into a thinner rectangle (lengthways for wide scarves, diagonally for square scarves to get maximum length), place over your hair and tie securely at the base of your head. Such a stunning look! Have some fun and experiment with tying the scarf at the top of your head, tying a bow, or folding in different directions to show different patterns. 

#4 - The 'Bunched Up' Look styled by Jules @seemeswoon
Scarf style: Square. Jules wears the Stronger Together 'Connection' Square Scarf.

It's best to use a square scarf for maximum fabric and colour showing! Repeat the process of the 'classic scarf' above. Start with your square scarf folded diagonally to make a longer shape that will wrap nicely around your shoulders. You may even find it easier to achieve this look by bringing the majority of the fabric to the front of your neck, and draping the tails around each shoulder to get the wrapped look. Either way, make sure you move and 'bunch' the fabric showing at the front to get your ideal look! 

Watch the Intuitive Styling crew in action styling our scarves!

A HUGE BIG THANK YOU to the gorgeous ladies from Intuitive Styling for styling our scarves! Be sure to check them out and give the ladies a follow. Keep an eye on their pages - secret squirrel - as they may be doing a fun RO giveaway soon...

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