In our ongoing commitment to empowering women, we're so proud to support the Women's Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ) and their Financial Abuse Prevention Unit (FAPU).

Launched in 2019, FAPU takes a holistic approach, offering legal and financial counselling to women leaving abusive partners. The majority of their clients, 78%, are mothers grappling with debt incurred without their knowledge during an abusive relationship.

Their aim is that every woman has the opportunity to leave an abusive relationship and doesn't have to stay due to financial constraints. They also help women navigate hidden relationship debts, providing a lifeline for those who may otherwise be trapped.


The impact is profound, reaching women across Queensland. Yet, the demand is overwhelming, with a current waitlist of six weeks. Our support isn't just about financial contributions; it's about empowering women to rebuild lives free from abuse.

Join us in taking a stand for women's rights. With every product sold from this Charity By Design collection, designed by Brisbane artist Brook Gossen, we contribute a portion of sales to this very worthy cause.

Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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4 products

Why they need our support

The Women's Legal Service Queensland's Financial Prevention Unit (FAPU) is facing critical challenges, including overwhelming demand leading to a 6-week wait time for appointments, complex cases requiring intensive financial counselling, and a surge in referrals from various sources. External factors like a high cost of living, increasing interest rates, and a housing crisis contribute to clients experiencing homelessness or financial hardship, amplifying the need for financial assistance.