We live and breathe colour and texture, making faces smile, losing ourselves in our imaginations, and creating a sense of community within our RO family of customers. We get our jollies from creating affordable, distinctive and fun pieces that inspire confidence and inject shots of joyful energy into whoever wears them. We celebrate traditional skills and artisan craftsmanship, making it our mission to create sustainable products with a beautiful conscience and an ethical heart.


  • Bold, unassuming statement pieces
  • Colour, texture and distinctive designs
  • Exploring known and little-known cultures of the world
  • Finding inspiration and stories from the places we visit and the people we meet
  • Getting excited by the big, wide world right outside our front door
  • Using sustainable, raw materials and producing products that have an ethical heart

So the moral of the Ruby Olive story is... 

We’re a bit dreamy and a whole lot of happy. Come with us, and let’s take a walk on the gorgeous side of wonderful.

Keep smiling, keep dreaming, keep loving, keep believing!
The Ruby Olive team xx