Australian Bush Fire Emergency // How To Help Those In Need

Australian Bush Fire Emergency // How To Help Those In Need

*Image Credit Kasey Rainbow via donation fundraiser

Our gorgeous country is burning, and we are absolutely heartbroken by the devastation being caused. Australia is unlike any other country in the world. The destruction caused, tragic loss of life, homes, flora and fauna is simply unfathomable. All of our love and thoughts are with those affected by the fires. A huge big THANK YOU to the firies (including the countless volunteers) putting their lives on the line to help fight these bush fires and protect lives, homes, and towns.

We've been watching the events unfold, and have felt totally helpless. However, together, we can all help to make a huge difference to the lives of those affected by the fires. 

All of the RO girls have individually donated and are helping wherever, and however they can. We are all equally devastated. If you'd like to help too, donating directly to reputable organisations is the best way to do so to help provide forms of quick and immediate relief. I'll pop some links below so that you can make informed decisions about where you'd like to help out. Donations over $2 are all tax deductible, and each donation makes such an enormous difference. Each and every cent counts.

Australian Bushfire Crisis - Statistics

Red Cross >>>…/disaster-relief-and-recovery-…
Salvation Army >>>
Food Bank >>>…/make-a-donation/donate-funds/…
Givit >>>

NSW Rural Fire Service:…/support-your-local-brigade
Country Fire Authority Victoria:
South Australian Country Fire Service:
Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland:

WWF >>> 

The next best way to help >>> once the fires have been put out (predicted to be in March or April 😢) and it is safe to do so, if you have the capacity, why not plan a road trip and visit a town near you that has been affected. Purchase their fuel, visit and purchase from their gift shops and supermarkets, and help the locals rebuild their towns to their new sense of normal in any way you can. We certainly will be.

Once the fires are extinguished, there is still lots of work to be done to help communities slowly rebuild. You can start helping now, by taking a look at Turia Pitt's "Spend With Them" initiative here. It is a page full of regional businesses doing it tough during the fires. If you need to purchase something specific, why not have a look over the page and purchase with them to support the people in need of financial assistance now. 

As not everyone has the capacity to help financially, we have researched and found a heap of practical ways to assist for those who would still love to help.

Click here to learn more about crafting wildlife pouches to the animals who have been burned and/or lost their habitats.

Click here to learn about fauna wildfood balls, which are used as a food source for displaced animals.

Click here to learn more about our drop off points, and how you can help by donating items for victims of the fires.

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