Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Dayle @artfulcitystyle

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Dayle @artfulcitystyle


(Dayle wears jewels from the Mod Squad Collection.)

Next up in our series of Celebrating Awesome Women is the fabulous Dayle from Artful City Style (@artfulcitystyle). 

We've been following @artfulcitystyle on Instagram for a while, and admiring from a distance her eye for textures, shapes and especially accessorizing! Her Insta is a gallery of amazingly bold looks, other stylish women and beautiful Manhattan streets. After a while we knew we had to take the jump and send a PM to her, we just had the feeling that Dayle and RO belonged together. And since then we've seen Dayle rocking her RO on the streets of Manhattan. Talk about a dream come true!

Our photographer Charli recently visited the Big Apple and caught up with Dayle on our behalf to snap a few photos and have a few laughs! We wanted the goss on how she became such a stylishly cool woman, so read below for a glimpse into Dayle's fashion history, advice and secrets! 


(Dayle wears Carousel Striped Drop Earrings, Art Series Disc Collar Necklace and various bangles.)

RO: What was your first fashion moment, when you knew you had a passion for style?

Dayle: When I was in elementary school, I had a year when I would wear nothing but purple.  When it came to fashion, I danced to my own drum from a very early age!


RO: How do you get dressed in the morning? do you start with one piece and build around that or just start throwing things on?

Dayle: I either start with an accessory I want to build around or start with an article of clothing I want to accessorize. If it’s an article of clothing, I play with bracelets, earrings, scarves or necklaces, shoes, socks and glasses. It is like painting. I am working on a composition. If I am focusing on an accessory, I try to pick clothing that will highlight it but not overshadow it. And then I figure out the other accessories that work well with it.

Dayle from New York City wearing colourful Ruby Olive necklace

(Dayle wears the Carousel Striped Disc Necklace, Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace and various bangles.)

RO: Do you have any colours you would never wear together or any that find you are always drawn to?

Dayle: I love strong colors—one of the many reasons I love Ruby Olive jewelry so much! I don’t wear beige. I also love black and white. As a New Yorker, I have my share of black in my closet, but think of that as a blank canvas on which to feature my accessories.

RO: Which is your fave piece in your wardrobe, whether it be clothes, shoes, jewels or something else?

Dayle: That is truly an impossible question to answer! I am drawn to mixed textiles, interesting shapes, and strong colors. My accessories are definitely a favorite part of my wardrobe.  I could wear the same black dress every day and make it look different!

RO: What is your top styling tip?

Dayle: Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your clothing and accessories. Have fun getting dressed! It is a creative art form! I truly believe that if one has confidence, one can wear virtually anything!

RO: And what is your no-no, a look that you would never wear?

Dayle: If I go to a store and am told that something is the most popular item, I run for the hills.  I don’t want to look like everyone else.  I just want to look like myself!


Dayle from Artful City Style Hailing a Cab in New York City wearing colorful Ruby Olive Jewelry

(Dayle wears the Wonderland Short 2 Tone Necklace and various bangles.)

Fantastic advice from a truly awesome woman! We can't wait until we get over to New York to meet her ourselves!

Keep up to date with Dayle's style adventures on her Instagram.


Patti Tyk

Who is the designer of those fabulous glasses! Love them…. they make the look…. don’t over look them. Take care,Patti

Jean Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

Loved your blog posting on Dayle Artful City Style. Not only did the photos capture her great style, but your interview captures her wit and charm. Brava!

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