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    Tiger%20Stripe%20Ruby%20Olive%20Drop%20Earrings%20and%20Double%20Necklace%20on%20Customer%20Model%20Blue%20Background.png Tiger%20Stripe%20Ruby%20Olive%20Drop%20Earrings%20and%20Double%20Necklace%20on%20Customer%20Model%20Blue%20Background.pngOn Sale
    From $45.00 AUD $54.00 AUD

    Garden Party Long Disc Necklace Garden Party Long Disc NecklaceOn Sale
    From $70.00 AUD $99.00 AUD

    Bianco Long Necklace Bianco Long NecklaceOn Sale
    From $65.00 AUD $80.00 AUD

    Nothing can go wrong with a statement necklace! It brings a pop of colour to any old outfit and is sure to get a conversation started. We have long and short, ribbon ties and adjustable necklaces, of every colour you could wish for! Go nuts!