NOTE FROM SKYE // An Open Letter To My Grandma [PART 2]

NOTE FROM SKYE // An Open Letter To My Grandma [PART 2]


Dear Grandma, 

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the last 10 years... I so wish I could just pick up the phone and have a chat.  You’d tell me about your garden and your incredible roses.  I’d tell you about my beautiful boys and how they’re growing up so fast. 

This business I named after you 10 years ago is very different now - in so many ways.   

So many ups and downs.  

It’s been really hard at times Grandma, really hard.  

But thankfully the good times have made up for the bad.  

I often ponder what I’ve learned since starting and what I’ve realised is so unexpected.  

It’s actually not the products that have kept me going all this time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love designing and I love creating beautiful things but I’ve realised what I love more is what this business has now evolved into and what it has enabled us to do.  

My superstar team and I have been able to help build the most incredible community of women.  Women who lift each other up and support each other in more ways than what I could have ever imagined.  

I’ve been able to collaborate with incredible artists and support so many different charities which has really made my heart sing.   

I’ve loved celebrating amazing women and I’ve gained so much joy in embracing colour.

Grandma, I’ve loved how my products have put so many smiles on faces and seriously, that makes my heart burst with pride.  

We’ve achieved so much, I think I’ve done you proud.  From winning a Telstra Business Women’s Award and being named one of Queensland's Top 40 Entrepreneurs under 40, to speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people and featuring in national magazines and on the telly.  

I also jumped on a plane and did a fancy trade fair in New York that was cool...and now I’m stocked in some pretty awesome museums in America, like the San Francisco Moma and the Chicago Arts Institute.  

So many awesome things to share Grandma...and so many reasons to celebrate.

To be continued… tomorrow!


Celebrating 10 years!

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