Australian Bush Fire Emergency // Fauna Wildfood Balls

Australian Bush Fire Emergency // Fauna Wildfood Balls


EDIT 11 Jan 2020:  Fauna Wildlife Balls are no longer needed.

We have written how we are feeling about the Australian Bushfire Crisis here. It is devastating, but there are a number of ways we can help! For some practical ways to help, see the Fauna Wildfood Balls recipe below, or check the links at the bottom of this post for other ways to help. 

The Ruby Olive HQ team will be running working bees to create "Fauna Wildfood Balls" as a form of sustenance for surviving wild animals, who have lost their food source. These balls will be placed out under logs, rocks, in tree hollows, any safe places where fauna can search them out to supplement feed, but not become prey to predators.

These fauna wildfood balls can be made in bulk, frozen, and sent out as requested and needed by Animal Rescue Groups. We will be running a drive in our Brisbane head office to make a bulk batch. If you would like to create your own batch of fauna wildfood balls, you can find the recipe below. Thanks so much to Karan White for all of the information, photos, and recipe which is via the Animal Rescue Collective! You can view Karan's original post here



  • 1kg packet of Quick Oats
  • 1 packet of Spirulina (70 – 100gm) – can be found in health aisle of Coles, Woolies and most supermarkets, or in health food or bulk supply stores
  • 1/2 cup of maple syrup
  • Water to bring it all together


  • Mix dry ingredients together
  • Add remaining ingredients and water as required to bring it all together *don’t add too much water - it make the balls too sticky*
  • Form into small balls – each batch should yield around 130 balls
  • Freeze or refrigerate

Karan White Wildfood Fauna Balls

Please get in contact with us if you would like to volunteer to help make these wildfood balls with us, or if you need more info on where to send your finished product.  More details can also be found HERE.

As not everyone has the capacity to help in this way, we have researched and found a heap of financial and practical ways to assist for those who would still love to help. 

Click here to learn more about crafting wildlife pouches to the animals who have been burned and/or lost their habitats.

Click here to learn about how to assist financially. 

Click here to learn more about our drop off points, and how you can help by donating items for victims of the fires.


EDIT 11 Jan 2020:  Fauna Wildlife Balls are no longer needed.

Australian Bush Fire Statistics Infographic 8/1/2020

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