NOTE FROM SKYE // An Open Letter To My Grandma [PART 3]

NOTE FROM SKYE // An Open Letter To My Grandma [PART 3]


Dear Grandma, 

So I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate 10 years of RO.  

I thought long and hard and what kept coming back to me was my very first necklace.  

The one I showed you many moons ago.  

You thought it was so lovely and amazingly colourful.  You were fascinated by the material and just kept it in your hand stroking it.  

You kept turning each bead, intrigued by how many colour combinations there were.  

We drank Earl Grey tea and ate your famous caramel slice...which just melted in our mouths.  

I shared with you where the inspiration for the necklace came from.  

And we talked about my many years in England.  

I described the little beach houses we visited when we were in Cornwall and how they were like nothing I’d ever seen.  

Almost like a scene from a kids picture book.  

It’s amazing how one necklace can have so many precious memories.

So Grandma, instead of doing a sale or having a party (which let’s face it...that was never going to happen this year...I’ll explain the ‘Covid’ word to you another time) - I decided to get nostalgic and bring back my beloved Beach House Necklace.

It feels right!

It was so much fun doing the 60’s inspired photoshoot too.  

We listened to Elvis, Van Morrison, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Louis Armstrong and The Temptations.  

We danced, we ate cake and we reminisced.  

Thank you Grandma for inspiring me to have a business that’s more than just a product.  

Like you (ie: the REAL Ruby Olive), this business is about supporting our community, it’s about smiles on faces, and it’s about living our best life.  

It’s been an awesome ride so far, thanks for always being by my side!  


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