Beach House Flat Pebble Necklace

Colour: Multi

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This hand poured resin multi-coloured necklace is what started it all!

Once upon a time at the end of 2010, there was a girl who started a business. Armed with a generous dose of nervous excitement, she designed and then launched her first collection. She didn't know what would sell and she didn't know who would buy, she just started. She created quite a few different styles all slightly different BUT all celebrating colour, texture and distinctive designs.  

THIS was the necklace that quickly became the queen of pack, the one that stood out and that everyone wanted. This was the necklace that became a turning point. When that girl started to understand what people were wanting, she started to focus on designing fabulously fun resin pieces, bright colours and pieces of wearable art for women that were looking for something a little different.  

Since that first collection that girl got married, had two babies, created 50 collections (OMG don't ask how many designs that is), won some pretty cool awards, launched into the USA, and made some AMAZING friendships.  

That girl has certainly had ups and lots of downs but felt it was time to take a look back and see where she had come since that very first collection she designed back in 2010. This reminded the girl, why she's continued to do what she does. She remembered those beaming smiles on her customers faces when they told her the amazing compliments they received when wearing the fun jewels and how they made them feel so much more confident.   

So my friends, this necklace is back for a limited time, for ONE very special reason. And that is to remind everyone to STOP every now and then for just a moment, BREATHE through the chaos of life, LOOK BACK to where you've been and what you've done, and whatever that looks like whether it was a hard stressful road, a joyous one or a crazy mix of both, you've made it HERE. And you've done pretty alright!

P.S. That clueless girl that started that business back in 2010...well that was me! We're celebrating our 10th birthday and reminiscing the incredible journey we've had along the way. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride, I've got so many more adventures planned for the next 10 years so I'd love you to stick around.  xxSkye

Read more about Ruby Olive and our 10 year celebrations on the blog HERE

Neck Drop: 49cm
Weight: 150g approx.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Mel C.
A beautiful gift

Thanks so much for your wonderful service. My sister-in-law loved her birthday gift.

Fiona M.
Love Ruby Olive

RO jewellery just screams me. Love it.

Susan M.
So colorful!

This goes with so many solid color tops I have and it really pops. I get compliments whenever I wear it!

Great investment piece

I wear mine regularly by itself or layered with another RO necklace. It always gets noticed and complimented. A great investment piece! Love it ❤️

Kylie A.
The Perfect Gift

The colours, quality and length of this necklace are perfect for multiple outfits in any season!!

The packaging is always beautiful making any necklace from Ruby Olive an easy gifting choice. ❤️