CELEBRATING AMAZING WOMEN // Bianca Wordley from Bigwords

CELEBRATING AMAZING WOMEN // Bianca Wordley from Bigwords

A few weeks ago we got the chance to chat with one of our favourite Aussie Bloggers Bianca Wordley, from BigWords Blog, about how she got into blogging, and her experience with Oxfam, a cause dear to our hearts. 

If you haven't yet, step on over to BigWords to read some of Bianca's hilarious, touching and insightful posts about travel, daily life, boobs, motherhood, weight loss and everything in between. Bianca has written for powerhouse Mamamia, Kidspot and The Hoopla, lined up her blogging accolades from the Australian Writers Centre and Escape Travel and also occasionally appears on TV and Radio. Oh, and did we mention she's got three kids? 

She first started out in the blogosphere when pregnant with her third child, as a creative way of countering feelings of disconnection with other women. She came from a decade long career in Australian journalism, giving her the quick wit and solid writing skills she needed to start in the online world. 

She quickly found that the "Mum Bloggers" network was a solid way to make friendships with women in similar positions as her, with the same creative passion, as well as providing her with a voice when she felt compartmentalised into a mum-role. 

Something that we really find inspiring about Bianca, is that while she uses her blog to vent, share and ponder, she has used it as a platform for a humanitarian passion that she shares with us! She joined forces with Oxfam Australia, as a Media Coordinator, and established a blogging program to bring light to work Oxfam does around the world fighting poverty.

"To help facilitate giving a voice to those who struggle to have their voices heard and want the world to hear their stories comes with great responsibility. What an honour." - Bianca Wordley

In 2015 she travelled with Kate McKibbin from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily to Cambodia, where they met with the garment workers for both Australian and International Brands to highlight the conditions of garment workers in developing countries. They visited the women in their homes and the sites they worked. 

Bianca told us how many of these garment workers live together in small (as small as 3 square metres) rooms, with three women living in a room with no bathroom. But increasingly there are community meeting places being established where the women come, share and draw strength from each other. Many women were in their early 20's, sending money home to their parents and families, often the money they earned barely covered costs. These workers are forced to work through sickness, pregnancy, and often their landlords were associated with their workplaces, meaning a wage rise often coincided with a rise in rent, meaning the women aren't able to reap their well deserved rewards from their tough work.

Oxfam Australia works with partner organisations in Cambodia to support garment workers and Australian brands to bring about change.

Bianca emphasized that respect, dignity and living wages are just basic human needs that still unfortunately need to be fought for, and to be lucky enough to have strong voices and huge platforms to share these stories is an opportunity that we must take.

Find out more about Bianca Wordley here or learn more about how you can get involved with Oxfam Australia here

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