AWARDS // Our Chief Dreamer is a Budding Entrepreneur Winner!

AWARDS // Our Chief Dreamer is a Budding Entrepreneur Winner!

Crack out the Dark Chocolate Tim Tams...we're celebrating at RO HQ!  Our Chief Dreamer, Skye Anderton, has been selected as one of recipients of the Lord Mayor's Budding Entrepreneurs Grant! Hooray!

Not that we didn't already know she is a superstar, you might have heard that she was the 2014 Queensland Young Telstra Business Woman of the Year, and raised $15,000 in 30 days for the Hunger Project in the same year. What a chick! 

Queensland is a pretty cool place to be right now, with heaps of opportunities for small businesses and start ups to get support and funding from the government. The Lord Mayor's Program encourages innovative ideas and provides support to startups for technological and business advances.

Skye says, "It was such an awesome experience, I'm so glad I went for it! If you're thinking about applying - GO FOR IT!"

Congrats Skye, keep killing it! And find out more about the Program here.


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