STYLE GUIDE // CHAPTER 4 - It's Turtleneck Time!

STYLE GUIDE // CHAPTER 4 - It's Turtleneck Time!

How to 'turtley' rock this neckline

We're talking turtlenecks in today's edition of the Ruby Olive Style Guide. This multi-part series has been created as a tool to help guide you on which jewels are going to look like a match made in heaven with different clothing styles and necklines you already have at home. If you missed our first few chapters, you can catch up here: CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 2, CHAPTER 3.

A winter staple, the turtleneck has a fold of fabric that rolls down, but still sits high around the neck. Also known as a polo neck, roll neck or a skivvy, this neckline is certainly popular in the cooler months. Wear this classic with a pair of statement earrings, but make sure they aren't bumping into the top of the neck. Otherwise, go for a medium to long necklace - simple styles look elegant with this neckline.

Today we've enlisted the help of our fabulous friend Dayle, from @artfulcitystyle to show how we would style a turtleneck. Dayle combines art and style in Manhattan, and visually documents her unique 'art in motion' looks with the world.

Dayle @artfulcitystyle New York Street StyleDayle wears the Art Series Disc Collar Necklace (worn on the red side), Carousel Striped Disc Earrings and Wonderland 2 Tone Bangles + Everyday Bangles stacked high!

Winter or colder weather doesn't mean you can't still BRIGHTEN up the room! We have taken some serious style inspiration from our friend Dayle in her fabulously colourful printed turtleneck top. The colours in this top are gorgeous, yet still 'wintery' because of the deep, rich tones. Add some vibrant jewels to be the tasty little cherry on top! Dayle has opted for the whole combo: statement earrings, a medium length necklace and some statement bangles. One word... WOW!

Dayle @artfulcitystyle wears the Ruby Olive Wonderland Flat Disc NecklaceDayles black turtleneck tunic acts as a blank canvas for her vibrant Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace and Carousel Striped Disc Necklace

As you may have already guessed, gorgeous Dayle is not one to shy away from a statement look. Dayle opts for a blank canvas with this look, and lets her jewels do the talking. The combination of RO jewellery has taken this black turtleneck to the next level, and added a gorgeous colourful feature. 

Dayle Artful City Style New York Dayle wears Art Series Striped Pod Earrings, Wonderland 2 Tone Short Necklace and various bangles

This turtleneck look is so fun and playful, and easy to replicate at home. Dayle wears her black turtleneck top (with those gorgeous spots of colour!) along with a shorter length statement necklace, small drop earrings and an assortment of colourful bangles. This look works fabulously as all the colours tie in together - the top matches back to the jewels, and no pieces are touching the top of the turtleneck's fabric.

Dayle wears the  Art Series Disc Collar Necklace, Sahara Resin Disc Necklace, Art Series Striped Pod Necklace and various  bangles

Now THIS is what we call a statement look! Dayle's bright mustard turtleneck is a statement in itself, and the added rainbow of jewels makes this an absolute show stopper. The longer length necklaces look fabulous with this turtleneck top, as they help draw the eye away from the bulk of the fabric and create a gorgeous focal point.

A huge big thanks to the gorgeous Dayle for showing us how to rock this neckline. How would you wear a turtleneck? We'd love for you to share in the comments below! 

Love RO xx

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