STYLE GUIDE // CHAPTER 2 - Styling a V-neck

STYLE GUIDE // CHAPTER 2 - Styling a V-neck

Take the plunge and elevate your V-necklines

Welcome to our second chapter of the Ruby Olive Style Guide. This multi-part series has been created as a tool to help guide you on which jewels are going to look like a match made in heaven with different clothing styles and necklines you already have at home. Please note the key word here is that this is a guide, wear whatever makes you feel like your most fabulous self! If you missed Chapter 1, you can catch up on our first instalment HERE.

Today is all about V-necks, baby! The V-neck is a deep neckline that reveals a little cleavage (or a lot if you’re game). This classic V shaped neckline is best worn with short to medium necklaces, making sure the bottom of the necklace isn’t touching the top. You don’t want your statement piece getting hidden by the fabric or trapped between the girls!

Sue wearing V-neck dress and Contrast Striped Pendant Necklace
Sue struts her stuff in her reversible Leina Broughton dress worn with the V-neck to the front. The Contrast Striped Pendant compliments this neckline perfectly while adding a beautiful statement.  Pair this with some matching studs and you’re good to go! 

Top Tips for Styling a V-neck
Top Tips For Styling A V-neck

  • Tip # 1 Wear your fave medium length necklace (like Sue above, wearing the Contrast Two Sided Necklace) if it significantly cuts across the neckline and sits above or below the V. Ideally, do not want the top of the fabric touching the bottom of the necklace.
  • Tip # 2 Double up a long beaded necklace to give a layered look to the décolletage area. A fresh and fun homage to the classic double string of pearls!

Emma wearing Leina Broughton Dress and matching Ruby Olive Necklace

Emma wears the Garden Party Two Tone Long Necklace doubled over, with Garden Party Striped Drop Earrings   


  • Tip # 3 Collar and plate style necklaces work perfectly with a V-neck as they mirror the shape of the neckline.

Maria wearing a deep V-neck green dress with matching Ruby Olive Necklace

Maria is the epitome of fabulous in her emerald deep V-neck dress, the Carousel Sideshow Fringe Necklace mimics and follows the V. The bright pop of colour is an added bonus with this gorgeous necklace

  • Tip # 4 Have fun and express yourself! Play around with block colours, multi colours and prints - both in your fabrics and jewellery. Life is too short to wear boring jewellery!
Ruby Olive V-neck styling imagesWe've pulled together a few of our favourite V-neck looks from our gorgeous friends and models. From left to right we have Emma in the Cascade Droplet Plate Necklace, Molly in the Johnson x RO Art Series Necklace, Emma in the Orange Aurora Solar Necklace and finally the gorgeous Moana in the French Twist Collar Necklace

Is the V-neck one of your favourite styles to wear? How do you style it? Let us know in the comments.

Love RO xx


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