STYLE GUIDE // CHAPTER 3 - Styling Square Necklines

STYLE GUIDE // CHAPTER 3 - Styling Square Necklines

It's hip to be square.

Today's edition of the Ruby Olive Style Guide is all about the humble Square Neckline. This multi-part series has been created as a tool to help guide you on which jewels are going to look like a match made in heaven with different clothing styles and necklines you already have at home. If you missed our first two chapters, you can catch up on our first instalment HERE and our second chapter HERE.

Let's talk squares! The square neckline is low and wide, with three sides - two that hang down off the shoulders and one that cuts across the chest horizontally. Wear the square neckline with short to medium necklaces, making sure to get a good balance between the size of the square and the necklace. If the square is wide across you’ll do best with a bigger necklace but if it’s smaller, a simpler piece will do. Statement earrings also look FAB with this neckline. Earrings let your clothing shine, while the jewellery does the talking.

We've collated some of our favourite square neck styling looks to show you how RO rocks squares! Let's jump straight in...

Skye wearing Ruby Olive Everyday Necklace and Gorman Holiday Patterned DressSkye balances her patterned square neckline with a medium block coloured Everyday Long Necklace

Our Chief Dreamer Skye has a penchant for wearing deliciously colourful clothing (if you hadn't already guessed!), you'll often catch her around RO HQ in an ensemble that will immediately brighten your day! Skye has a few square neckline faves, and she generally matches them back with medium length adjustable necklaces

Madie wearing Mustard Uniqlo playsuit and Ruby Olive Multi Hibiscus NecklaceMadie adds a short colour POP with her Hibiscus Necklace to emphasise her block coloured square neckline

Gorgeous Madie is a DREAM in mustard paired with that multicolour BURST! Madie is one of our friends and models, that rocks anything and everything we get her to play dress-ups in for our photoshoots. The short Hibiscus Multi Necklace commands attention and acts as a focal point against this subdued mustard square neckline.

Skye wearing Gorman Aviary Bird Top and Ruby Olive Carousel Abstract Stripe NecklaceWe've dubbed Skye the Square Neckline QUEEN

We weren't joking when we said Skye loves gorgeously bright clothing, and she has a few square necklines! This fabulous Gorman bird print top makes a statement all on its own, while the Carousel Abstract Necklace amps it up further and cuts through the square neckline and adds balance.

Anita wearing Ruby Olive Ecology Adjustable Pod Necklace in Stone and Jej & Boc Jellies DressAnita is a ray of SUNSHINE in her vibrant square neck dress paired with the Ecology Adjustable Pod Necklace 

We've opted for a medium length necklace again, finishing off this vibrant Jej & Boc dress beautifully. The necklace adds a sophisticated statement and cuts through the square neckline to add balance. 

Have you been known to rock a square neckline? How do you style yours? We'd love to know! 

Love RO xx

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