Out with the old, in with the crew

Today's edition of the Ruby Olive Style Guide is all about the common crew neckline. This multi-part series has been created as a tool to help guide you on which jewels are going to look like a match made in heaven with different clothing styles and necklines you already have at home.If you missed our first few chapters, you can catch up here: 

Get your crew together! You'll find this humble neckline on most t-shirts, and it's one of the easiest necklines to wear. Medium to long necklines look fab, and don't be afraid to make a statement... this classic neckline just begs for one!

We've gone through and collated how our very own Ruby Olive ladies wear theirs, to give you a burst of inspiration.

Sabrina wears the Tradewind Pod NecklaceSabrina wears the Tradewind Pod Necklace $52

Our very own Sabrina, the gorgeous woman we call our Dream Fulfilment Specialist, looks fabulous in the Tradewind Pod Necklace matched back to her navy crew neck dress. As this necklace is adjustable, Sabrina has shortened the length to medium which matches back fabulously against this neckline and stunning dress.

Emma wears Aurora Long Artisan Pebble NecklaceEmma wears the Aurora Artisan Long Pebble Necklace $70 with matching earrings

Our gorgeous model Emma completely changes up this yellow crew neckline with the doubled over Aurora Artisan Long Pebble Necklace. Talk about adding a statement! Pop on some matching earrings and you're good to go. The shorter length of this necklace doubled over works perfectly with the crew neck to add volume to Emma's look.

Skye wears the Carousel Sideshow Fringe Necklace $48, matching studs, and Everyday Bangles $22

Stunning Skye rocks her denim crew neck jumpsuit with the Carousel Sideshow Fringe Necklace worn at a medium length. Again, having a medium length necklace against a crew neckline looks fantastic and adds a huge POP of colour to the denim canvas behind it. Skye has paired the necklace with a sunny yellow pair of matching studs, and a rainbow assortment of bangles to finish the look.

This neckline would simply look delectable with a pair of statement earrings alone. It's time to pull out your favourite pair of BIG earrings that are just that tad too heavy. You know the ones... we all have them. Dangle Dots make bringing those babies out a possibility! What are Dangle Dots, I hear you ask? No they're not quite magic dust, but they're close to it. They are earring support patches that instantly increase the comfort of wearing heavier earrings and help support some of the weight. Learn more about Dangle Dots HERE.

Is the crew neck one of your faves? How do you wear it?! We'd love to know in the comments.

Love RO xx

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